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December 19, 2013

School pride in taking a stance on climate change

I can’t help but share my pride in my fellow faculty for taking a strong stance on climate change.  Our university is a leader in climate change research and is now moving toward being a similar leader in climate change policy.  Our faculty senate recently voted to call upon our Foundation (which manages our endowment) […]

September 4, 2012

Smoke-free campus

As of September 1, our campus is now smoke-free. OSU is joining over 700 campuses across the US with the same policy: no smoking on campus, inside or out.  It is definitely welcome to me, for both public and personal health reasons.  I’ve never understood why people still adopt smoking, knowing full well how many […]

July 15, 2011

FSM is from OSU

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So, when you arrive to Oregon State, in the spirit of, well, school spirit, you’re told of all the things that OSU is known for.  The marionberry, a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry and delicious, was cultivated here and the modern maraschino cherry developed here, too. Two-time nobelist, Linus Pauling graduated from OSU. […]

March 3, 2011

NSF Day at Oregon State

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The NSF is coming to OSU to hold a one-day workshop on Wednesday, April 13 on the “Foundation, its mission, priorities, and budget [covering] the NSF proposal and merit review process and NSF programs that cut across disciplines”: This workshop is primarily designed for researchers and educators less experienced in proposing to the NSF; however, more […]

November 30, 2009

Warm and fuzzy and orange all over

As seen at the Women’s Center on campus at Oregon State University (in the spirit of … is powered by Orange).

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