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August 30, 2010

Announcement: n-th Annual Combinatorial Potlatch 12/11/10 at Western Washington

Last year I spoke at the n-th Annual Combinatorial Potlatch and had a blast.  The informal workshop is a great idea; I wish there were more regional events like them.  Maybe there are and I just don’t know about them.  The n+1-st Annual Combinatorial Potlatch has been announced – I encourage you to go! This […]

November 23, 2009

nth Combinatorial Potlatch

The Combinatorial Potlatch is a semi-regular (which for last 7 years has been yearly!) one-day workshop in combinatorics held in Cascadia.  It is very informal (no name tags!), very relaxed (only three talks!) and runs on next to no funding*.  The latest installment was this past weekend in Vancouver, BC, held at Simon Fraser University’s […]

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