Smoke-free campus

As of September 1, our campus is now smoke-free. OSU is joining over 700 campuses across the US with the same policy: no smoking on campus, inside or out.  It is definitely welcome to me, for both public and personal health reasons.  I’ve never understood why people still adopt smoking, knowing full well how many negatives it comes with.  And I’ve never appreciated the clouds of smoke at the doors of buildings.  I wonder what the border of campus will be like though.  Are there enough smokers on campus to make a qualitative change along the commercial roads nearby?

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1 thought on “Smoke-free campus

  1. Gasarch

    In Wash DC when the law was made banning smoking in resturants and bars
    the resturant and bar association was very much opposed. After the law
    passed their business went up since now non-smokers were frequenting them.

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