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Nick has been a blogger since 2007 and is an English and Japanese major, though his roots are in engineering and the sciences. He tutors high school students in Math and English, and plans on becoming a Teacher. In his spare time Nick plays FPS, RTS and RPG computer games, Dungeons and Dragons (the tabletop version) and arcade dance games like DDR. He also likes reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, writing poetry and running. Nick plays drums for the band Tens and Twenties.

We’ve moved!

Thanks for coming, but we’re now located at so head on over and get reading! About us: You like learning whether you admit it or not. Maybe you like writing or programming of solving puzzles, or playing sports. Maybe … Continue reading

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Jonathan Carlson & What You Need To Know About College [Interview Pt2]

Continued from Part One. We recommend reading that first. Because things just make more sense in order. Jonathan Carlson’s college experience of engineering isn’t what you see in movies, or read about. Until now. As you read in part one, … Continue reading

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CES 2012: A forecast for what to learn for your future.

Next week is the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s mostly a giant advertisement for new cool electronic gadgets, but there are also a lot of really cool efforts in each show. Check out some of our favorites from last year. CES … Continue reading

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