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Watson goes to medical school — The future of medicine is on a computer

Now that Watson has settled down in its victory over the top human Jeopardy champions, its creators are finally making that transition they said they intended to do–over to medicine. Watson’s new occupation? Medical student. Except instead of going through … Continue reading

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One final update on Watson

After getting to see a supercomputer obliterate Jeopardy’s two greatest all-time champions, yet another milestone has been reached;  first, a supercomputer defeated the best chess player, and now Jeopardy. Next: race-car driving and musical-theater. And though it can, maybe, come … Continue reading

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Engineering Music Contest [+Watson +Gamepocalypse]

Before I get to the meat of things, here are a couple links I can’t resist sharing: a 2-hour talk from game-design CEO and college professor about a time in the future where we’ll all be playing games all the … Continue reading

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