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Jonathan Carlson & What You Need To Know About College [Interview Pt2]

Continued from Part One. We recommend reading that first. Because things just make more sense in order. Jonathan Carlson’s college experience of engineering isn’t what you see in movies, or read about. Until now. As you read in part one, … Continue reading

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Why Computational Thinking is useful for everyone

This post was one hour late—I’m terribly sorry about that. the 7 and 8 keys (for “publish at 17:00”) are right next to each other. Computational thinking is the practice of using Computer Science fundamentals to systematically solve large, real-world … Continue reading

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Back to the grind.

Back to high school for many of you. Seven hours of class, five days a week—plus homework. (If you’re taking AP or IB classes, don’t even get me started; you signed up for it and therefore aren’t allowed to whine, but I and the rest of the world can still feel bad for you. Poor souls.)

Don’t feel too bad, though. High school is pretty great. It’s the only publicly-funded institution I can think of which springs for multiple dances… Continue reading

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