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Link Dump 12-02

No talking today, just some of the coolest engineering and CS links around: Stand with Science is a movement that “tells Congress how important it is to choose cuts carefully and avoid ruining our future while attempting to save it.” … Continue reading

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Robots: Ever-closer to Conquering humankind.

With the advent of Watson, a computer which can interpret natural human language (along with the nuances in its meaning)—which in itself should be a bit scary—here’s yet another video from the ongoing Quadrotor project going on at UPenn. Now … Continue reading

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Molten Salt keeps solar energy plants running at night. [+Christmas quadrotors]

In July, Italy opened the world’s first Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant of its kind. First, a little bit about what they are. CSP plants have a simple concept behind them: since electricity is almost always generated through mechanical movement … Continue reading

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