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Link Dump 11-04

Today we’re just gonna treat you with some of the hottest engineering and CS links around! Techy article about NASA’s research on tractor beams. Portland is pretty much the most bike-friendly city in the US, and easily one of the most … Continue reading

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NASA’s new toy — For you to play with

Though it’s sad that NASA retired the space shuttle program, it’s no surprise seeing as how the space shuttles have been around since 1981. But with the death of the space shuttle program comes the birth of a new program: deep … Continue reading

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The next final frontier—What will happen to NASA?

Here’s a picture of the last space shuttle being retired, Atlantis, to the right. And thus closes a chapter in history. There’s a famous scientist named Neil deGrasse Tyson who always has a lot to say about these sorts of … Continue reading

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