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Engineering can treat cancer and peel grapes.

Engineering is more than just designing robots and using technology: it’s about solving problems to make the world a better place. The point is that engineering isn’t the end. It’s the means to an end. The end can be whatever … Continue reading

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Watson goes to medical school — The future of medicine is on a computer

Now that Watson has settled down in its victory over the top human Jeopardy champions, its creators are finally making that transition they said they intended to do–over to medicine. Watson’s new occupation? Medical student. Except instead of going through … Continue reading

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Graphene gets the attention it deserves

Two weeks ago I posted about the Nobel Prize winners in physics, who won it for their research on inexpensively producing graphene. Since then, the computing/engineering/science world has been abuzz about this new wonder-structure, and for good reason. As you … Continue reading

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