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OSU is a moneymaker for them and you.

One thing that universities in Oregon do well is get their students into professions. PSU is actually known for getting students right into the workforce, in fact. One thing that OSU might need to be known for is their way … Continue reading

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It pays to be on the right side of cyber security.

We linked to a mini-documentary about the first computer virus a while back, called BRAIN. It’s a pretty benevolent virus made by two Pakistani guys, way back in 1986.   Not all viruses are that benevolent, though. And the people … Continue reading

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Record number of college degrees in Oregon this year—proof that it’s not a prize for a chosen few

Here are some impressive numbers: about 19,000 students going to one of the public universities in Oregon are getting some kind of degree or certificate this year. Also known as the population of Ashland, Oregon. Next fall, people are expecting … Continue reading

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