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Kinect for Halloween scares and beyond

You may have heard some of what we have to say about the Xbox Kinect. It’s a pretty outstanding device for a lot of reasons, one of which is that it allows for awesome pranks like this: A clever idea, … Continue reading

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The Kinect: Cheap sci-fi for real.

Very recently, Microsoft released the SDK for the Kinect, that piece of motion-sensing goodness that hackers have been using for all sorts of interesting projects, such as home automation. Some doctors are even using it while performing surgery. This means … Continue reading

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Calling it now: Android and Kinect working together.

Google just did something pretty cool: they released something called the Android Open Accessory Toolkit for their mobile devices, which will allow an Android phone to interface with just about any kind of gadget. The move on its own is … Continue reading

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