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One final update on Watson

After getting to see a supercomputer obliterate Jeopardy’s two greatest all-time champions, yet another milestone has been reached;  first, a supercomputer defeated the best chess player, and now Jeopardy. Next: race-car driving and musical-theater. And though it can, maybe, come … Continue reading

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Engineering Music Contest [+Watson +Gamepocalypse]

Before I get to the meat of things, here are a couple links I can’t resist sharing: a 2-hour talk from game-design CEO and college professor about a time in the future where we’ll all be playing games all the … Continue reading

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AI versus Humanity – Tonight, on Jeopardy

Watson, the supercomputer which IBM has been programming to compete in Jeopardy, goes up against the two biggest winners in Jeopardy history, tonight: Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Watch this video of pre-game interviews. Colorful piles of it are strewn … Continue reading

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