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Link Dump 04-22-11

Today we’ll have some of the most interesting Engineering-related links for you: Asia officially runs out of IPv4 addresses. The only reason we haven’t is because we have been reusing old ones. Newest rail gun made by a company called … Continue reading

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IPocalypse… not now.

Read my previous IPocalypse article for background info. According to this article from NetworkWorld, we may not see the IPocalypse. One of the biggest concerns has been how much slower IPv6 would make websites—because you’re dealing with 128 bits per … Continue reading

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The secret Y2K disaster—but this one will really happen: The IPocalypse

Note: CS has a lot of acronyms; run your mouse over any of them to see what they stand for. Google them if you want to learn more—most of them aren’t really important to what I’m saying here. We have … Continue reading

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