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Make some Noyce for the inventor of the microchip!

Today’s Google Doodle is a computer microchip, as you might have noticed. If you click it, you go to a page of search results for “Robert Noyce.” Who’s he? The Mayor of Silicon Valley, that’s who. That’s an honorary title. … Continue reading

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Multi-core processing is the new pink

You may have heard of the new trend in processor design: multi-core architecture. But do you know what it means, and how it works? In concept, it’s pretty straightforward. In a traditional processor, jobs are broken down into their basic … Continue reading

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China’s new supercomputers: Sequel to “Communists in space”

Besides their recent advances in their space program, China has a supercomputer called Tianhe-1A (天河一号; pronounced “Tee en ha” and means Milky Way), which now holds the title as the world’s fastest supercomputer. It runs at 2.5 petaflops at its peak. Which is ridiculously fast: Continue reading

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