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NASA’s new toy — For you to play with

Though it’s sad that NASA retired the space shuttle program, it’s no surprise seeing as how the space shuttles have been around since 1981. But with the death of the space shuttle program comes the birth of a new program: deep … Continue reading

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Unnaturally agile ground robot

We’ve shown you robots that can fly. They can fly autonomously, and they can perform complex tasks and even do scary-agile maneuvers. And now we have this. He says this is old technology. Guess you can teach an old dog … Continue reading

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When you’re on the internet, eat your vegetables.

Computer scientists at the University of Washington recently created a program that can understand when it’s funny to say “that’s what she said.” Chloe Kiddon and Yuriy Brun, the two behind this project, call the program DEviaNT—Double Entendre  via Noun … Continue reading

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