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Putting an asteroid into Earth’s orbit… for SCIENCE.

The PRC is at it again, after making plans to make a moon base and have driverless cars. This time they want to do something on par with a super-villain: put an asteroid into Earth’s orbit. To make it easier … Continue reading

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Chinese cars don’t need drivers any more.

If you want to have some extra time getting ready for work, free up your driving time by letting your car do it. That was all the rage a while back, when Europe had news of driverless cars in “road … Continue reading

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China’s second lunar-probe mission: successful.

Followup to last month’s post about China going to space again with their second lunar probe, called Chang’e 2 (嫦娥2号), and their plans for a long-term moon base. The mission was successful, and Chang’e 2 sent back some nice-looking images, 100 … Continue reading

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