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India’s $35 tablet is a big step toward “info for everyone”

…which both increases the awesome of this world and drastically decreases the suck. The Akash Ubislate 7 is something India’s been promising for a long time, but has been considered ‘vaporware,’ which basically means an empty promise that never officially … Continue reading

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Calling it now: Android and Kinect working together.

Google just did something pretty cool: they released something called the Android Open Accessory Toolkit for their mobile devices, which will allow an Android phone to interface with just about any kind of gadget. The move on its own is … Continue reading

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Link Dump 04-22-11

Today we’ll have some of the most interesting Engineering-related links for you: Asia officially runs out of IPv4 addresses. The only reason we haven’t is because we have been reusing old ones. Newest rail gun made by a company called … Continue reading

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