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Happy New Year: Welcome to the future.

We hope everyone had a great holiday, whichever you celebrate! And have a happy new year! We’re in the future, people. Right in the middle of a sci-fi novel. Proof of that is the fact that we’ve got cyborg suits … Continue reading

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Being a good engineer is all about creativity.

Engineering is all about safety and effectiveness, as we know. But engineering comes in many forms. While it typically includes technology in some way, sometimes you have to take other realms into account to complete the job. For example, social … Continue reading

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The Kinect: Cheap sci-fi for real.

Very recently, Microsoft released the SDK for the Kinect, that piece of motion-sensing goodness that hackers have been using for all sorts of interesting projects, such as home automation. Some doctors are even using it while performing surgery. This means … Continue reading

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