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NASA’s new toy — For you to play with

Though it’s sad that NASA retired the space shuttle program, it’s no surprise seeing as how the space shuttles have been around since 1981. But with the death of the space shuttle program comes the birth of a new program: deep … Continue reading

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Putting an asteroid into Earth’s orbit… for SCIENCE.

The PRC is at it again, after making plans to make a moon base and have driverless cars. This time they want to do something on par with a super-villain: put an asteroid into Earth’s orbit. To make it easier … Continue reading

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The Large Hadron Collider – Beauty Experiment

We’ve mentioned the LHC in the past, and talked briefly about how it can’t end the world like some people fear. Last year they had to shut down, and didn’t really get any experimentation done. But now they’ve finally got it … Continue reading

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