High schooler builds his own 8-bit computer, because he can.

Well, he probably surprised himself in doing it. It sounds like a pretty scary thing to try, but once you get going and focus on getting one step done at a time you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

And that’s what this guy did. A guy named Jack Eisenmann, who just graduated from high school, built himself an 8-bit computer out of an old TV and keyboard, and some chips he probably bought from an electronics store. Oh, and tons of wire, as you can see in the video:

Complete with classy retro music. The system has 64K of memory and
prints a 240×208 black-and-white screen.

From the creator:

The DUO Adept is an 8-bit homebrew TTL CPU + GPU I have designed and built. As a challenge I used only basic kinds of logic chips; no microcontroller or video card. It has a black and white TV monitor and keyboard, and is generally awesome!

Oh, and I forgot to mention: I made this when I was a highschooler with no formal education in electronics. :)

Read on:

  • Here’s the project website for what jack calls the DUO ADEPT. Looks pretty complex, but we’ll bet you he took everything one step at a time.
  • Engadget article about the story.
  • Wikipedia article about TTL, which he used to design the computer.
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  1. I was amazed to see this 8-bit computer start and run those games. Excellent work done with basic chips and the TTL video. I have to say… COOL :)

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