Girl Scouts sponsor FIRST LEGO League

You may have heard of LEGO robotics. Maybe you did it in grade school or middle school. Maybe you decided not to, or didn’t hear about it. That’s totally okay.

It’s worth knowing, though, that LEGO robotics continues through high school, and has some pretty spectacular competitions. They’re done through a group called Oregon FIRST, which stands for “For Inspiring Recognition in Science and Technology.” Because that’s what they do.

Watch this to learn about what you do in FIRST LEGO League

What’s very cool is that the Girl Scouts, in some areas of the US, are sponsoring FLL competitions and teams. Which means you might be able to convince your local troop to help out, if you’re interested in robotics.

It can sometimes be an uphill battle for girls interested in science, for a number of reasons. But Oregon is great about giving everyone a fair opportunity. If you find yourself having trouble joining or starting a team, see about asking any big clubs you’re in, like Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, for some financial help and maybe a mentor.

Read on:

  • Oregon FIRST website. Click the “Find a Team!” link if you want to try and join a team near you.
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