OSU is a moneymaker for them and you.

One thing that universities in Oregon do well is get their students into professions. PSU is actually known for getting students right into the workforce, in fact.

One thing that OSU might need to be known for is their way with cash. Namely, getting it into the school, and investing that into you. Last month alone, OSU generated 42 million dollars in grants to help make their curricula better for you.

More than a metaphor if you study engineering or computer science at OSU

It’s worth noting that a lot of those grants went straight to engineering and science fields: almost 10 million of it went to biofuel research alone, and big chunks went to places like energy-efficiency research and green-materials chemistry research.

So how does this matter to you? Well, partly because of this grant money, OSU has some great programs to get you into an engineering field of work, and making bank while you’re out there. Just one example is that OSU participates in MECOP (the Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program), through which you can do an engineering internship before you even graduate. The top internship from last year was about $30 an hour, full time. That’s close to a $60,000-a-year salary! Not bad when you’re not even out of school yet.

Once you’re out of school, the benefits don’t stop. The median mid-career salary for OSU graduates is $86,900. To be fair, that includes all professions and degrees. But consider that the engineering and computer science professions make the most money, and would actually be well above this median.

The short story is this: If you want to go to a well-funded school, study engineering or computer science, and come out of it making as much money as you can, OSU is a great place for you.

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