Link Dump 3-14-11

Finals week for colleges and universities which run in quarters; keeping it simple by posting some of the finest links for engineering and science:

  • Cool mini-documentary on the first PC virus, “BRAIN,” and its makers, who live in Pakistan and run a company called BRAIN telecommunications.
  • Japan continues to be hit by hardship, but you’ve got to respect the country’s utter resourcefulness; people in Tokyo were warned of the 9.0 earthquake shortly before they could have even felt a tremor. Even if it’s short notice, the warning would have been enough to get cover. Good example of a well-thought (read: well-engineered) system.
  • infected floppy disk's boot sector

    "Welcome to the Dungeon," is one of the things the BRAIN virus said

    Continuing the natural-disaster response theme, watch this story about tiny, disposable and cheaply-made robots designed to search rubble and tight spaces.

  • Deb Roy presents his results from the results from his language acquisition study at a TED Talk. This is the gent who used a CPU which calculates incorrectly to process the video.
  • One guy makes a laser gun that actually needs to charge capacitors to fire a 1MW pulse. Chaagin mah lazerz gets him through painted aluminum and solid plastic though. Impressive sl0-mos.
  • Guy uses Kinect to control two tesla coils: The Evil Genius Simulator. via MakeZine.
  • Always cool to keep up on what DARPA is doing. Here’s its 2012 budget request.
  • Really awesome TED talk by Salman Khan (who has a well-developed sense of humor), the guy who made KhanAcademy; there’s a link on the sidebar, too. (“And here I’m all like, ‘I know Kung-Fu.'”)
  • Somewhat long-winded (but accurate and well-written) explanation on the nuclear reactor problems in Japan. At the very least, read the tl;dr bullets at the bottom of the post.
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