Engineering Music Contest [+Watson +Gamepocalypse]

Before I get to the meat of things, here are a couple links I can’t resist sharing: a 2-hour talk from game-design CEO and college professor about a time in the future where we’ll all be playing games all the time. It’s long, but surely worth it. Watch it when you’ve got time.

Another update: Watson destroyed Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in the game of Jeopardy—Rutter and Watson were tied at the end of the first round, but then Watson walked away with it. Here’s the first episode of his Jeopardy match. It’s pretty hilarious when Watson picks his first question.

The Musical Engineer

This seems to be the sponsoring book. Click on the image to check it out.

There’s a website called, for the Engineering Education Service Center, which has an annual music contest. But here’s the catch: if you couldn’t tell by the URL or the name of the organization, these folks like engineering. So your song’s got to be about engineering.

The song has to be between 2 minutes and 3:30 in length; other than that, you must simply “compose a song that shows your appreciation for all the amazing inventions that make our lives better, easier, and more fun.” Hmm, sound familiar?

Three winners: 1st place gets $200; 2nd place gets $100; and 3rd place gets $50. All winners and honorable mentions are certificated.

And the deadline is midnight on March 22nd. So you’ve got plenty of time. There’s a release form to get signed if you’re under 18, but other than that no real strings attached. No bad words, obviously. Go to their music contest page for more information and a full list of rules. And remember that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t even take.

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