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International Film Festival 2013!

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Fall term is here, and with it the Fifth International Film Festival, running 14-20 October.
For the first time we have a program guide. You can download the program guide here:  Print it and give it to friends, put it on your iPad and read it to your neighbor, etc…
Instead of films shown twice over the course of five days, we show each film only once. Get there early for your film of choice. You can watch as many films as you would like. They are all free.
The festival will run for seven days. After all, you have 18 films from all over the globe to pick from. All films are subtitled in English (or are in English).
You need a ticket in hand to enter the auditorium at the Darkside. No exceptions are possible. All films are free, thanks to the incredible support (see the list of sponsors), but no ticket means no admission.


Schönen Sommer!

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Wir an OSU wünschen euch noch einen wunderschönen Sommer! Details zum akademischen Jahr 2013-2014 kommen bald. Aber wir haben es ja nicht SO eilig. :)



VOCALDENTE returns to Corvallis!

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Remember the incredible show that drew over 400 people to this historic Whiteside Theater last year? German a cappella group Vocaldente is back to perform again on Thursday, April 25 for FREE! Families are welcome.

Where: Whiteside Theater (361 SW Madison Corvallis, OR)

When: Thursday, April 25, 6-8pm



Holocaust Memorial Week 2013

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We are honored to host the 27th annual Holocaust Memorial Week here at OSU from April 8-12, 2013.

The highlight of this week is the visit of holocaust survivor and Emeritus Professor at UC Irvine, Ruth Klüger. On Tuesday, April 9, she will attend a showing of Das Weterleben der Ruth Klüger at the Darkside Cinema, and that evening at 7:30pm, she will give a public talk at the LeSells Stewart Center on OSU Campus. Please download full schedule below for more information.

Download the complete schedule here: holocaust-memorial-week2013


Hallo, Winter 2013!

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Wir hoffen alle, dass ihr erholsame Winterferien hattet und wir wünschen euch einen super Winter Term 2013!


OSU German Faculty

Vill, near Innsbruck (Tirol, Austria)



Come to the International Film Festival!

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Dates: November 5-9. Screenings at 6 pm for the public, and at 8 pm for the course FLL 399 International Film Festival.

Place: Darkside Cinema.

Cost: Free!


Each film will be introduced by a faculty member. You need a ticket for admission. The Darkside opens 15 minutes before each show; reservations are not possible. We have sent people home at the German Film Festival, so it may be good to mention that you need to be there when the doors open, or you may not get a seat.

The films:

Monday: French night. “My afternoons with Margueritte.” Info and trailer here:

Tuesday: German night. “Barbara.” The German Oscar nomination. Info and press kit here:

Wednesday: Japanese night. “Kamome Diner”. Info here:

Thursday: Chinese night. “Kora”. Info here:

Friday: Spanish night: “Cell 211″. Info here:

Image from “Barbara”



Schedule: German Film Festival

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Below is the finalized line-up for the German Film Festival, Oct. 8-12 at the Darkside Cinema in downtown Corvallis. Enjoy FREE German film each day of the week! Be sure to arrive early to secure your seat(s).

Monday, October 8. 8pm. Wintertochter (Winter’s Daughter). Germany, 2011. 92 minutes.

Tuesday, October 9. 8pm. Baikonur. Germany, 2012. 95 minutes.

Wednesday, October 10. Iris Gusner Retrospective:

7pm. Das blaue Licht (The Blue Light). East Germany, 1978. 82 minutes. Subtitles to this film created by OSU students.8:30 pm.

Alle meine Mädchen (All my girls). East Germany, 1980. 86 minutes. West Coast Premiere.

Thursday, October 11. 8pm. Kriegerin (Combat Girls). Germany, 2011. 103 minutes. Adults only.

Friday, October 12. 8pm. Der ganz große Traum (Lessons of a Dream). Germany, 2011. 105 minutes.



German Film Festival: Final three films announced

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We are very happy to announce the final three films for the German Film Festival, Oct. 8-12 at the Darkside Cinemas in Corvallis! The first two older films will show in the same night as an Iris Gusner retrospective.

Das blaue Licht (The Blue Light) – 1976

Das blaue Licht Poster

Synopsis from IMDB: “Hans the farmer is drawn into war as a soldier. Returning from the front, having been defrauded of his pay by his own king, he makes his way home. On his trip, he encounters a witch who asks him to fetch the light from a spring. He keeps it when the witch tries to deceive him and he discovers her foul magic. When the light is ignited, a little man appears who must serve the owner of the light, but it only has power if the owner has faith in himself. His courage bolstered, Hans goes to the king once more to demand his wages be paid. He is refused yet again, and so he kidnaps the king’s daughter, who is now forced to lead Hans’ household. The king’s bounty hunter captures him and has already erected the gallows when an accidental gunshot delivered by an unsuspecting robber saves Hans’ life.”


Alle meine Mädchen (All my girls) – 1980

Translated synopsis from A student at a film school in the DDR (former East Germany) receives the task of making a documentary about the Women’s Brigade of the VEB NARVA in Berlin. At first he is hesitant to film such an apparently boring movie, but then he gets to know the five young women and their experienced leader. They form a well-functioning work collective, but the young director begins to notice problems lurking under the surface. The process of filming the group leads to a mutiny, where the discontent of the women explodes against their leader, and chaos breaks out.

Der ganz große Traum (Lessons of a Dream) – 2011

Synopsis from “The young teacher Konrad Koch (Daniel Brühl) is hired to teach English at a strictly-run German school for boys in 1874. The reform-minded headmaster von Merfeld (Burghart Klaussner) has hired Koch as one of the very first English teachers of all at a German secondary school in order to let a fresh new wind into his musty institution. Koch sees how badly this is needed in his very first class. Everything that the boys know about England is common prejudices handed down from one generation to the next. In order to stir up some enthusiasm for the foreign language, Oxford graduate Koch resorts to unusual means and introduces his students to a curious sport that comes from Britain: football. Unfortunately, Koch’s unconventional ways soon make him many enemies: influential parents, local dignitaries and, above all, his colleagues, who only believe in Prussian drills and discipline. They all want to get rid of Koch at any price. But then his students take the initiative … ”



Celebrate the new Sophie Scholl Schule with a German children’s concet!

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On Sunday, Sept. 16 from 3:30-4:30pm, there will be a concert for kids and adults 3 and up at the First Presbyterian Church in honor of the opening of our new German immersion school, the Sophie Scholl Schule. See flyer for more details!



German Film Festival: Next film announced

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Baikonur (from Veit Helmer)

Excerpt of synopsis from the official website:

“Whatever falls from heaven, you may keep.” So goes the unwritten law
of the Kazakh steppes. A law avidly adhered to by the inhabitants of a
small village, who collect the space debris that falls downrange from the
nearby Baikonur space station.

The last two youthful members of the village are the radio operator
Iskander, known as Gagarin, and the spirited Nazira. While Nazira finds
it increasing difficult to conceal her love for Iskander by means of her
unconventional behaviour, Iskander is evidently not only crazy about
Baikonur and the vastness of outer space, but also deeply smitten with
the beautiful French astronaut Julie Mahé, whose journey to the stars
he wistfully follows on television.

When Julie literally “falls from heaven” in a small space capsule,
it’s Iskander who finds her unconscious. Since Julie can no longer
remember anything, Iskander is able to pretend that they are engaged
to be married, turning the ancient law of the steppes to his own