My Spatial Problem (Spring 2019)

Student Name Author ID Post Title
Faye Andrews

My Spatial Problem – Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Bangladeshi Children: What is to blame?

Anna Ballasiotes

The Geography of Exclusion

Taylor Bates

Aerial remote sensing detection of Leptosphaeria spp. on Turnip

Bryan Begay

A UAS and LiDAR based approach to maximizing forest aesthetics in a timber harvest

Tori Bohlen

Predicting spatial distribution of Olympia oysters in the Yaquina estuary, OR

Adam Bouche  

A stain on the record? Have forest management practices set up PNW landscapes for a black-stain-filled future?

Blake Buchalter buchaltr

What is rural? Creation and comparison of health disparity-inclined rural indices in Texas

Stephen Clakins

Epidemiology of Western Hemlock Dwarf Mistletoe Post – Mixed Severity Fire

Jackie Delie
Nicole Durfee

Assessing western juniper sapling re-establishment in a semiarid watershed

Whitney Flemming

Natural Resource Governance Perceptions and Environmental Restoration

Ari Goodman

Cross-sectional Change in the Andrews Forest

Lisa Hildebrand

Individual foraging specialisations of gray whales along the Oregon coast through prey preferences

Willem Klajbor

Examining the Spatial Relationships between Seascapes and Forage Fishes

Dom Kone
Alexa Kownacki  

The Biogeography of Coastal Bottlenose Dolphins off of California, USA between 1981-2016

Marina Marcelli

Using Spatial Statistics to Determine the Subsurface Spatial Distribution of Lava Flows in Northern California

Katie Nicolato  

Monitoring Stage 0 Restoration Effects on the South Fork McKenzie River

Rosemary Pazdral  

My Spatial Problem: Streamflow variability and associated processes in rain-dominated, coastal basins

Hayley Peter-Contesse

Exploring spatial variation in drivers of soil CO2 efflux in HJ Andrews Forest

Seth Rothbard

Seth Rothbard My Spatial Problem

Dylan Sandersen

Deaggregation of infrastructure damages and functionality based on a joint earthquake/tsunami event: an application to Seaside, Oregon.

Claire Tortoerlli

Spatial pattern of invasion

Courtney Van Stolk

Courtney’s Spatial Problem

Marisa Zimmerman

How winter wetland habitat change over time affects songbird communities

Grant Zoch

Grant Z’s Spatial Problem

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