Exercise 2 (Spring 2019)

Elevated Blood Levels in Bangladeshi Children: Surrounding Road Netor

Incremental pixel greenness while moving away from refugee settlement boundaries

Determining accuracy of segmentation versus ground truth disease patches of Blackleg on Turnip

Geographically weighted regression on two forested stands.

Does the presence of Olympia oysters correspond with predicted suitable habitat?

A stain on the neighborhood… How does management relate to infection for black stain root disease?

Neighborhood analysis of Texas counties with high colorectal cancer mortality rates

Fire Refugia’s Effects on Clustering of Infected and Uninfected Western Hemlock Trees

human-black bear interactions related to ecological variables

Spatial Patterns of Perceptions of Natural Resource Governance and Environmental Condition

Relationship between stream cross-sectional change and across-channel slope

Using Neighborhood Analysis to Identify Relationships Between Seascape Classes and Rockfish Abundance Hotspots

Marine reserves as potential “safe havens” for sea otters along the Oregon coast

Possible Influence of ENSO Index on Dolphin Sighting Latitudes

Cross Variogram and Kriging

Watershed recession behavior as a function of watershed environmental variable

Spatial Distribution of Trees by Height Class, Slope and Elevation in the HJ Andrews Forest

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Reported Salmonella Rates in Oregon

On the relationship between spatial variation of economic losses and tsunami momentum flux

Does the spatial arrangement of vegetation cover influence ventenata invasion?

Comparing faults and principal components

Spatial Pattern of NDVI change from the Center of an Artisanal Gold Mine

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