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Astroculture 101

Read this article to learn: The diversity of crops grown in space First food crop grown in space (onion) What ‘lightsicles’ are NASA and air purification Space Seeds™ The primary problem facing astroculture (irrigation) and why (microgravity) First space-grown vegetable … Continue reading

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Where to buy native plants in Oregon?

As an ecologist who studies garden systems, the increasing use of native plants in urban and suburban landscaping is exciting to me (see lab member Signe Danler’s great blog post on “ecological gardening”). Unfortunately, there are still many challenges associated … Continue reading

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Pollinator of the Week: The Mining Bee

The Mining Bee This entry is from Isabella Messer, an undergraduate horticulture student at Oregon State University. It highlights a common Oregon pollinator. Halictus ligatus(Say, 1837), otherwise known as the Mining Bee and which can be classified as a Sweat … Continue reading

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