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Garden Ecology Lab News, January 2018

It’s been a busy month in the Garden Ecology Lab. Gail’s manuscript on bees in home and community gardens has been published in Acta Hort.¬†Briefly, the results of this literature review are that: 213 species of bee have been collected … Continue reading

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Garden Bees, 2017

All bees have been pinned, labelled, and data-based. Now we’re (and when I say ‘we’re’, I’m mostly referring to Lucas and Isabella) are going through the painstaking process of photographing all specimens: head on, from the top, and from each … Continue reading

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Pollinator of the Week: California Tortoiseshell Butterfly

  This entry is from Isabella Messer, an undergraduate horticulture student at Oregon State University. It highlights a common Oregon pollinator.   Despite the misleading name, we have unfortunately not discovered a new cross species between California butterflies and tortoiseshell … Continue reading

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Lab News: Garden Ecology Lab featured on PolliNation Podcast

Dr. Andony Melathopolous hosted us on his fabulous PolliNation podcast. Listen to the episode, where we talk about the importance of gardens to native bees, our current research, and some key questions that remain to be answered regarding gardening for … Continue reading

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