5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Make your landing page better!

A landing page is the first page a customer would see once they click on a search engine advertisement. To be sure customer stays and spends money on our page, here are five simple steps website developer can process, to reach a higher conversion rate.

  1. Set a goal. To be able to reach your goal, you got to know what result you want to reach. Isn’t that simple? You need to know where your destiny is to be able to get there. NBALPWACG is the shortening of “Never Build A Landing Page Without A Campaign Goal.” Have a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time consuming (SMART) goal, which is essential for creating a functional landing page. A goal is easy to set, have a certain amount of purchase for certain products in a certain amount of time. After the goal is being set, an attractive webpage can increase the likelihood to reach your goal, and to make a webpage attractive, you can take a look at the next step.
  2. Make it simple. A simple landing page can effectively attract customer’s attention on one important element that this page is offering. High attention ratio gives customers more choices, there are more buttons they can click on, more description they need to read and more things in their eyes. It’s nothing harmful to offer a lot of information, but it also distracts the customer’s attention. Keep a few colors on the page can effectively save customers’ attention on the product, instead of mass colorful images or keywords. You can read the next step to make sure the key point of your page is clearly emphasized.
  3. Make it clear. Are you offering a discount? Promoting a new product? Or attracting customers for a new store? Your customer wants to know what to expect from your webpage. There are several ways to making sure the message is clearly expressed – have an informative headline, which tells what this page is about. Place the headline in the obvious place that can be seen at first glance. Have a straight layout of all the information on your webpage to save customer’s time while scanning the page. With clear information expressed, you need to check the next step to make sure everything on your webpage is focusing on your goal.
  4. Keep it focused. A good headline can give the customer a quick idea of what is webpage is about. Once the information in the headline matches what they need, they will either react to it immediately, or they may need more information just to have a better idea. A subhead is needed to give more detailed information or assisted by some bullet points. Then there must be a place to receive the customer’s reaction. It can be an image, a link or an icon, anything possible to allow the customer to click on. It is absolutely beneficial to have a customer willing to interact with your webpage, but how do you show that you are trustworthy?
  5. Gain trust. It is important to have a customer’s trust, and it is on you to show that you deserve their trust. Before building trust, don’t lie to the customer about something you can not offer. Sometimes, you see Costco give samples for customers to taste, you can do too! Offer your products to experts or influential customers, let them try out and evaluate your products. If you received positive feedback, congrats, you are earning your product credits. Sometimes, it is important to express your concept about your product, trigger some empathy from your customer. And making sure to get words out there about your webpage and your product, make people know about your product.

Looks easy? Looks hard? It’s all up to you! Get started and create some nice landing pages!


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