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Fall 2018

Spring 2018

End of Term BBQ & Gear Swap | June 6

June 6th | Nash 032 | 5:15pm

Undergraduates, graduates, and faculty came together in the recreation area next to Nash Hall to enjoy food and conversation. The annual gear swap was also conducted at this time, with participants dropping off used gear and/or obtaining gear for future projects. Coltyn Kidd organized and led this event.

Whitewater Rafting Trip | June 2


Elections Presentation Meeting | February 21

Students who were interested in running for a position on the leadership team for the next academic year were given the opportunity to present who they were and why they would like to join the team. Each outgoing Leadership Team member was responsible for encouraging other students to run for their position. Each student who ran was required to submit a biography that was posted on the student chapter’s website for the club to see. Students who ran were also encouraged to present their biography during one of our bi-weekly meetings and elaborate why they were interested in running. Voting took place place electronically over a one week period.

ORTWS Annual Meeting | February 13-16

Club members met at the Red Lion hotel located in Portland at Jantzen beach for the Oregon Wildlife Society professional conference. Students participated in several activities while at the conference including listening to research talks, attending networking events with wildlife biologists in the field, and competing in the trivia night quiz bowl. Club members were able to become educated on many hot topics in the wildlife industry while making connections with many people in the field.

Professional Conference Preparation Meeting | February 7

Coltyn, Dana Sanchez and Jessica Jansen spoke to students about preparing for the ORTWS Annual meeting. Coltyn spoke about his experience as a student attending the meeting and what is expected as a student. Dana Sanchez, a faculty member of the Fisheries and Wildlife Department at OSU, also spoke about her experiences at professional meetings. She also spoke about what is to be expected of students as a professional during a professional meeting. Jessica then presented dinner etiquette in preparation for the banquet that occurs during the second day of the ORTWS annual meeting.

Gyotaku 2-hour Fish Printing Workshop | January 27

Student and faculty came together to learn about the art of Gyotaku, this was a 2-hour intensive workshop. During this workshop participants not only learned about the art but got to make multiple prints and practice there technique. They learned about how to do the prints, helpful tips and tricks and how to paint the eyes of the fish on their prints.

Beyond Graduation: Professional Panel | January 24

Professionals in the fish and wildlife fields presented to students about the difficulties and options of finding work  after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. This meeting was set up to address the students that did not want to go to graduate school so they would have the ability to speak with and question professionals that chose not to go to graduate school. They were provided with information on steps they could take to make themselves more competitive when looking for work.

Welcome Social: Chasing Corals Film Showing | January 10

The documentary about coral bleaching “Chasing Corals” was shown as in introduction to the term and a welcome back to students. This was a great film for natural resource students and really allowed students to see how ocean temperature increases is affecting corals around the world.

 FALL 2017

Study Break Bowling | November 30

This event allowed students to take a break during the busy and stressful week before finals. Free bowling was offered at the OSU bowling alley, with free shoe rentals and food also provided. In total, 40 people were in attendance, many of whom were graduate students.

Restoration Day at Simpson Park | November 18

Willamette Restoration Volunteers organized a restoration day that our students participated in. Activities included planting 35 native trees with the West Albany High School Environmental Club at Simpson Park

Bi-weekly Meeting- Guest Speakers from Corvallis Environmental Center | November 15

Individuals from the Corvallis Environmental Center came to share information about the exciting Wild and Scenic Film Festival, and also discussed volunteer and internship opportunities with the Center.

Professional Societies and Involvement Meeting | November 1

ORAFS Vice-President Shannon Richardson spoke on behalf of ORAFS and Daphne Swope, Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society Executive Committee Member, spoke on behalf of The Wildlife Society about these two professional societies. They also encouraged students to get involved in a professional society through becoming a member and attending annual professional conferences.

Gyotaku Fish Printing with Bruce Koike | October 18

This 1-hour introduction to Gyotaku, the art of fish printing, allowed participants to create their own fish prints using the provided fish and materials, as well as learn about the origins of Gyotaku and the different methods in which it can be used. This was a great event that showcased the artistic side of fisheries and biology, and allowed students to learn from a successful biologist and artist.

Undergraduate and Graduate Social | October 14

Undergraduate and Graduate students from the subunit and Oregon State Fisheries and Wildlife Department came together to enjoy a barbecue and giant lawn games, before and after a weekend football game at OSU during the 2017 football season.

Bi-weekly Meeting- Graduate Student Insight Panel | October 4

This bi-weekly meeting was the first of two panel discussions put together for the 2017-2018 academic year. This meeting was titled “So you want to go to Grad School?” This meeting was an open question and answer discussion between a panel of recent graduates from the Fisheries and Wildlife Department at OSU who are all now in graduate school. At this meeting, graduate students shared advice about how to find and apply to graduate programs, tips about what they wish they would have known, and about their current experiences in graduate school. This meeting will be followed by a second panel discussion in early 2018 titled, “So you don’t want to go to Grad School?” allowing subunit members the chance to ask questions and learn more about both options after completing an undergraduate degree.

Leadership Team Building Obstacle Course | September 30

The Leadership Team tackled the OSU high ropes course at the beginning of the year to create camaraderie among the Leadership Team. This course gave us the opportunity to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses working in a group setting. It challenged the team to work together and creatively solve problems.

Beaver Fair | September 20

The Beaver Fair is an event where hundreds of students come to look for new clubs and organizations to join, and is open to all students each year. The Subunit had a booth set up for all passing students to come and learn about what we do as a student group. We had online membership and list serve sign-ups on hand for any interested student. We also used this as an opportunity to invite students to join us at our bi-weekly meetings.

Biweekly Meeting- “Join your subunit” | September 20

At the beginning of the academic year, in addition to many social activities promoting our ORAFS student subunit at events around campus, we dedicated a biweekly meeting to reaching out to new students in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at OSU. The Leadership Team and existing subunit members connected with new students while playing games and enjoying some food. This was an important meeting for our subunit to have as it allowed new students to ask questions about joining a professional society and how they can become an active member of our subunit.  


OSU College of Agricultural Science Ice Cream Social | September 19

The College of Agriculture Science Ice Cream Social is always the first event of the academic year for the Subunit. This event was open to all students in the College of Agricultural Science at OSU and provided the perfect opportunity for us to tell new incoming OSU students about our subunit and the numerous benefits of becoming a member of a professional society, such as the American Fisheries Society, through being active in our subunit.