E-Campus Students

How to Get Involved – Regardless of Where You Live!

Hello E-campus students! We recognize that online degrees are becoming more-and-more popular and we want to provide you with resources that will help you learn about different programs and research, connect with fish and wildlife resources, and build up your resume. The great news is that you can still benefit from participating in The Fish and Wildlife Club! Our student subunits host regular trips around Oregon that you can join, we live stream our regular meetings through an online platform, and plan to build a library of recordings covering topics that will benefit your academic and professional career. These are only a few ways to get involved in this community, and we would love to hear your ideas on how you want to connect with the student subunits of your professional societies! Please email our President, Lizz Duhn <fwclub@oregonstate.edu>, if you have suggestions on how we can better serve you.

We encourage you to join your local professional society (AFS, TWS, TCS) if you are out of state. By doing so, you are automatically a member of The Fish and Wildlife Club; all you have to do is fill out our Membership Form. If you have any questions, email our Secretary, Chris Young, <fwclub@oregonstate.edu>

We now provide online access to our Bi-Monthly Meetings!

Just click the link around 5:00 PM on a meeting Wednesday!

Join Using Zoom

Information coming soon!