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I’ve always been energy-conscious, but I’ve never spent 3 hours in constant conversation with a small group of people about the importance of a tree or whether or not cheetahs can get their mojo on with one another. Over the two weeks, that changed. It was eye-opening to discover the depth with which scientists and […]

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Student Presentations

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The class ended with pairs of students presenting on different national parks or nature reserves in Chile, with lively discussions following each presentation. Kay and Jake showed the vast species diversity of Huilo Huilo Reserve, highlighting the temperate rainforest habitat. Galen and Sam had some great ideas for additions and modifications for the pristine Vincente […]

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Cobquecura Excursion “On Feb. 4th our class went on a second excursion. This time we had a whole bus to ourselves! Mostly because the University was on vacation and our van drivers were unavailable.” “We headed west to Cobquecura and Buchupureo to see the South American sea lion (Otaria flavescens). In Spanish their name is […]

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Parque Nacional Nahuelbuta Excursion “Thursday of the first week of class, we all piled into vans as a class and headed south to Angol, Chile and Parque Nacional Nahuelbuta to see the monkey puzzle trees (Araucaria araucana) and hopefully wildlife. It seemed like a long trip, about 2 hours, but compared to getting anywhere else […]

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We were lucky enough to take two field trips. As Kate Pospisil commented: The field trips were an excellent addition to the course as it allowed us to have a visual and tangible experience that is all too often lacking in undergraduate education. Field trips in detail, as told by Kay Erchiling Parque Nacional Nahuelbuta […]

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Oregon State University’s FW 350 course, Endangered Species Conservation, was onsite in Chillan, Chile, hosted at the Universidad de Concepcion (photo of University). Dan Edge and Florencia Casanova have run the course for the past few years, and I felt privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of it. Although this course encompassed […]

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