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Student Presentations

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The class ended with pairs of students presenting on different national parks or nature reserves in Chile, with lively discussions following each presentation.

Kay and Jake showed the vast species diversity of Huilo Huilo Reserve, highlighting the temperate rainforest habitat.Kay and Jake

Galen and Sam had some great ideas for additions and modifications for the pristine Vincente Perez Rosalez National ParkGalen and sam

Kate and Jenna discussed legislation and conservation differences between a National Park and a nature reserve using Rio Los Cipress Nature Reserve as an example

Sarah and Meghan gave a detailed (and interesting!) account of the culture and history of Rapa Nui National Park on Easter Island

Meghan and sarah

Mitch and Tessa discussed how Lago Cochrane National Reserve was created for the highly endangered huemel Mitch and Tessa

Some of them even had slides in Spanish, sort of…

Some of them even had slides in Spanish, sort of…

Hanna and Travis shared some amazing photographs, and discussed how humans impact high traffic parks like Torres del Paines. Hanna and Travis

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