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Finally…a summary by Mitch Evers and last comments by Kate Pospisil

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cropped-1017749_10152670166388583_7191269159242986882_n.jpgI’ve always been energy-conscious, but I’ve never spent 3 hours in constant conversation with a small group of people about the importance of a tree or whether or not cheetahs can get their mojo on with one another. Over the two weeks, that changed. It was eye-opening to discover the depth with which scientists and researchers have studied life across the world in hopes of preserving the diverse pool of species Earth hosts. And of course, field trips always make class more worthwhile. You know you’re winning when you “have” to go to the beach and observe a natural colony of sea lions, or when you have “no option” but to watch the sun set from atop a monkey puzzle tree forest and take a cool night hike back down the mountain.

And Kate Pospisil

I enjoyed the class tremendously, the subject matter, the organization and especially the teacher!  You did a wonderful job teaching the class and I would have never known it was your first time.  My favorite element was the group discussion-led class sessions; I feel that this was very effective in engaging all the students and allowing us to see different perspectives on touchy and controversial subject matter.  This is often the case in fisheries and wildlife management decisions and was good exposure to the thought processes and differing views about topics that may don’t have one right answer, if there is an answer at all.  Learning from other classmates is always a valuable experience in my opinion.  The field trips were an excellent addition to the course as it allowed us to have a visual and tangible experience that is all too often lacking in undergraduate education.  Thanks so much for your time down here, I really enjoyed the class very

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