August 7th, 2013

Want to be part of our group?
Bam! Now you are, it’s that easy—email one of us if you’d also like to come to our monthly planning meeting, and be listed on this page.
Note, we plan to invite everyone to all of our events, so you only need to join the FSHAO if you want to help organize things.

As of January, 2017 – this is the gang involved in organizing fun stuff here at the office:
(some of the fun facts below may or may not be 100% correct)

Amanda Engel — Internal Business Coordinator
: Amanda is the sweetest of the sweetest.
Fun Fact: Amanda can regularly be heard saying “Store bought marshmallows? I think not!”

Amy Theis — Enrollment Marketing Manager
: Amy is rad.
Fun Fact: Amy is a master of Wushu karate.

Austin Spaeth — Web App Developer
: Austin is rad.
Fun Fact: While living in Alaska, Austin once competed in and won the world-famous Iditarod sled dog race… but doesn’t like to brag about it.

Bethany Ulman — Student Success Counselor
: Bethany is outrageous.
Fun Fact: Bethany may or may not be able to honk like a Goose. And occasionally, when properly motivated, speaks cow.

Dan Miles — Marketing Project Manager
: Dan is rad.
Fun Fact: Dan can bounce between dimensions.

Dorothy Loftin — Instructional Designer
: Dorothy is rad.
Fun Fact: Dorothy’s winter season confections are perfect for that afternoon pick-me-up you’re seeking. Yummy!

Elizabeth Thomas — Office Manager
: Elizabeth enjoys meeting and supporting a variety of people.
Fun Fact: Elizabeth is directly descended from Shakespeare. Actually, she is not, Warren just made up that fun fact…but she is keeping it as she thinks that would be better than any real fact.

Emily Henry — Open Campus Coordinator, Corporate Business Manager
: Emily is high energy.
Fun Fact: Emily has two job titles because she is actually two people. She says it gets confusing sorting out which version of her has agreed to requests at work.

Erica Curry — Course and Faculty Support Project Coordinator
: Erica is rad.
Fun Fact: Erica started the punk rock movement by accident.

Heather Doherty — Marketing Communications Manager
: Heather is rad.
Fun Fact: Heather can be convinced to talk about her dog.

Karen Johnston — Internal Business Specialist
: Karen is rad.
Fun Fact: Karen discovered North America in 1376.

Mary Ellen Dello Stritto — Assistant Director of Research
: Mary Ellen is happy.
Fun Fact: Mary Ellen flew into outer space, and discovered a new interplanetary body while staring out the window.

Meddie Sims — Enrollment Specialist
: Meddie is courageous.
Fun Fact: Meddie has the ability to travel through time, which she uses to wrestle and re-wrestle one pesky black bear until she finally triumphs!

Nick Harper — Multimedia Developer
: Nick is rad.
Fun Fact: Nick has never lost a game of chess.

Rayne Vieger — Instructional Design Specialist
: Rayne is rad.
Fun Fact: Rayne is immortal.

Rebecca Badger — Assistant Director of Marketing
: Rebecca is rad.
Fun Fact: Rebecca once printed a living fish which flew into the sun.

Rebeka Phelps — Student Success Counselor
: Rebeka is rad.
Fun Fact: People often ask Rebeka if she’s related to Michael Phelps…and she replies, closely, he is my dad!

Rick Henry — Videographer / Video editor
: Rick is rad.
Fun Fact: ?

Staci Beymer — Assistant to the Executive Director
: Staci is a great person.
Fun Fact: There’s a statue in Staci’s honor located in central Sheboygan.

Zach Kronser — Course Scheduler
: Zach excels at googling.
Fun Fact: Growing up in Colorado, Zach is mostly known as a second-cousin to folk singer-songwriter John Denver. He and former Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway once professionally tag-team wrestled the co-creators of South Park, losing on a disqualification.

Zach Van Stone — Graphic Designer
: Zach is rad.
Fun Fact: Zach believes his super power is drumming.

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