August 7th, 2013

We’ll probably just focus on welcoming new hires with coffee, and holding some sort of party at least once each term – to start. This page is a transparent way for us to share all of the ideas we have for more fun stuff here at the office.

Check In With the Old Timers
Instead of only taking new hires out for coffee, maybe we could circle back around and take long time employees out to see how they’re doing. This would help us build a picture of what non-work interests everyone has, while also reminding older folks that mortality looms over us all like a dark sooty fog.

If we can get some money, maybe we can spend it on making things more fun.

The History of Ecampus, Part 1
Warren thinks it would be cool to make short funny videos which serve to document the unknown history and trivia of Ecampus. It’d be a nice excuse for the video and animation centered folk to experiment and grow (to have fun with stupid fx). Also, perhaps everyone could be invited to “act” in various roles.

Your Ideas!
Have an idea? Feel free to post it as a comment on any blog post. Or if you’d like to remain anonymous, contact one of our organizers directly.

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