Summer BBQ

July 6th, 2017

The Division of Extended Campus Summer BBQ is Thursday, August 10, 2017, at the Lions Shelter in Avery Park. Your friends and families are welcome to enjoy food, games, fun and lots of laughter. Pets are welcome too!

Burgers and veggie options to eat
Photo booth
Ladder golf
Bubbles, coloring and more for our young attendees!

Summer BBQ announcement












Please RSVP to help us with our headcount. (This only needs to be an estimate; you are welcome to bring more friends and family, or less, should plans change closer to the BBQ.)

To make sure we don’t all show up with chips on the big day, please take a few moments to fill out the potluck sign-up.


The Summer BBQ was a Success! :D

August 4th, 2014

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Summer BBQ and Picnic. It was a fun, relaxing, and a wonderful chance to get to know members of the team better.

I’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone who attended. The food that was brought was incredible. It is because of the wonderful folks who attended that this even was so successful.

Thank you again!

If you’d like to reach the page about the Summer BBQ, here is the URL:

We can’t wait until next year!