About Harrison Baker

Harrison Baker works as an aquarist at Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center. His academic background is in animal husbandry, journalism and editing. He is currently pursuing an MS in Free-Choice Learning Science Education. His board game, Deme, is currently under development as a component of his MS project on games and adult learning.

I’ve been poking at the blog site roughly, using a found stick. As a temporary banner, I have inserted a cropped version of one of our logos. This will change, as will much else, more than likely. I have given the site a vaguely Beaveresque color scheme, but am in no way committed to any particular detail at this point. In any case, I have no interest in football.

The layout remains a throbbing zygote, yet to sprout the rudiments of what will surely become stout and powerful limbs. We have at our disposal numerous and customizable widgets. Of these, I have put in place what I consider the most useful and necessary. The two pages on the bar above, which describe the program and introduce our staff, will also need tweaking. Perhaps we should reuse or adapt our final website copy for this purpose.