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This year’s Mock Rock event sure to entertain; Kappa Delta anticipates a successful event

Posted February 10th, 2012 by Mike

Every year, nearly all Greek chapters at Oregon State University hold their own respective philanthropies, each aiming to raise money to help counter a major issue in today’s society.

Out of all the Greek houses on campus, the most successful to date has been the Kappa Delta sorority, with their well-known “Mock Rock” event. Last year, the house raised $31,947 toward prevention of child abuse, with this year’s goal aiming toward more than $35,000.

Mock Rock is a weeklong event that aims at participation from all members of the OSU Greek life chapters. There are different events, spread out throughout the week in the middle of the Memorial Union quad, with a point system to determine which Greek house can accumulate the most points; the house with the most points overall at the end of the week claims the win.

“Houses can donate money in their name by dropping checks, buying Mock Rock shirts, buying performance tickets, purchasing Mary Kay products from our sale and buying Papa’s Pizza,” said Tori Lynch, head of philanthropy for Kappa Delta.

The competition culminates on Thursday, March 1, at LaSells Stewart Center with the actual Mock Rock event. Lynch explains that “each house performs their well-practiced dance or skit on stage. We encourage them to showcase their talent, incorporate our 90’s theme and be extremely entertaining.”

“People get really pumped up about it and cheer each other on. Everyone is really supportive, and you see some really funny acts too,” said Britnee Gillson, president of Kappa Delta. The competition for the top spot is fierce, and Lynch said it’s “such a fun event that has great bragging rights,” with the competition serving as “a way for each chapter to show off their skill to the rest of Greek life.” Many houses take the event extremely seriously, practicing well before the start of winter term.

Another main focus of the event is involvement from the OSU community, not just those in Greek life. “We open up Mock Rock to any organization that would like to participate,” said Melissa Walter, vice president of public relations. “We have gotten a few UGC houses involved on campus and hope more organizations will join in as well.”

The local Girl Scout troop in Corvallis will also be at the event, watching the festivities and selling their cookies. Gillsonsaid, “We’d love for people to get a feel for what we’re doing, and how we’re trying to help the community.”

However, the event is not all fun and games, but also serves to address two very serious issues in Corvallis and on a national level. None of the proceeds earned go to the house, but “80 percent of what we make goes to Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence here in Corvallis, and 20 percent goes to our national philanthropy Prevent Child Abuse America,” Walter said.

The money which stays in Corvallis goes toward a program known as “Plain Talk,” said Lynch, “an educational program that works with children from Kindergarten to sixth grade, and teaches them the importance of feeling safe, confident and having the ability to make choices.”

This event only continues to highlight the characterization of Greek life as not just a social organization, but as an organization which has its roots in the community, and strives to support the greater Corvallis area. “Everyone can kind of relate to it and enjoy it, even if they’re not directly participating,” Gillson said.

Martin Forde, staff reporter


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