Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences and the OSU Extension Service are partnering with OSU150 to convene an event to spark bold and visionary conversations around food systems and community food resilience.

Listen and learn

Presentations from two dynamic and engaging keynote speakers will be followed by examples and discussion of systems-level work on these complex and critical issues.

Share and look ahead

Together we’ll share, discuss, and explore many topics and perspectives, including: historical, statewide, and regional food systems, the dynamic role of land grant universities, and progressive ways of engaging with local communities to co-create a resilient future.

Come together, reflect, and celebrate

Continue the conversation during a reception at the Oregon Historical Society, and view the exhibit that celebrates OSU’s 150th anniversary.

We anticipate an audience of up to 250 in Portland comprised of interested community members, local and regional food networks, elected officials, faculty, students, and more. Additionally, we’re planning for the event to be livestreamed to Extension offices and Agricultural Experiment Stations across Oregon to stimulate local conversations.

Thank you

Special thanks to Lauren Gwin, OSU Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems, for her work helping to plan and moderate this event.

This event is part of OSU’s 150th anniversary celebration.  Learn more at OSU150.org.