Student Membership

Thank you for considering joining The FW Club! Feel free to join us during any  of our biweekly meetings to see what it’s all about before becoming a member or visit the About page to learn more about the many benefits. There are two membership options, but regardless of which option you chose, joining one of the state chapters is a great choice because of the workshop, scholarship and networking opportunities. If you are an E-campus student, we encourage you to join the chapter in your state.

Membership Options

All members, regardless of the option, must fill out the student chapter membership form

Option 1

Join one of the national chapters* of either AFS, TWS, TCS and dues for student chapter are waived. You can fill out the FW Club membership form below (don’t forget to add your Membership ID from the professional society you join) and bring it to any of our bi-weekly or weekend events.

*As a student, you can get a discounted rate and joining a state chapter is optional!!


Join the FW club for $25 by completing the FW Club membership form below and bringing a check or cash to one of our events

Membership Forms

You must turn in your membership form at our bi-weekly Wednesday meetings. If you have any questions about the membership forms, or are unable to turn it in in person email it to Hayley Machado (FW Club Secretary) at: