Current Leadership Team

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Your Current Leadership Team

Ciera edison: president

My name is Ciera Edison and I will be a senior in the department of Fisheries and Wildlife where I am specializing in marine conservation and ecology. I was born and raised in Seattle, WA where my passion for the ocean and marine mammals started at a young age. I have participated in many beach clean ups, beach naturalist programs, and have volunteered over 450 hours of my time at the Seattle Aquarium, PAWS Wildlife Center, and Oregon Coast Aquarium.  My passion is what drove me to go to OSU and in joining the Fisheries and Wildlife Club. 

Amber eaton: vice-president

I am originally from Gold Beach, OR and grew up working on rural habitat restoration projects starting in Elementary School, which eventually lead to major projects like conducting fish count snorkels by High School. I have always had a strong passion for Marine Biology, which is what brought me to Oregon State and the FW program. I currently work in the Heppell Labs, both on the Corvallis campus and at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. Some of you may recognize me from the Marine Team seminars, which are led by my supervisor, Scarlett Arbuckle. I love being involved with all things FW related, as well as taking on leadership roles, which is why I think this position would be a great fit. I am also involved in Greek Life as a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority, where I served as Public Relations Chairman for the past year.

becky friday: treasurer

My name is Becky Friday. I am a junior in the Fisheries and Wildlife program. My interests include ecosystem ecology and community ecology. I believe to be able to understand the natural world around us we have to look at the big picture and how species interact with each other and the environment. This is my first year at OSU so I am also looking for ways to become more involved in fisheries and wildlife.

amanda santos: secretary

I was born and raised in a tiny Pacific Island called the Mariana Islands. I attended a community college got an A.S. degree in Natural Resource Management and then transferred to OSU. My interests are in conservation and management. I enjoy performing volunteer work especially when it involves environmental education outreach or beautification.

jacob peterson: afs liaison

Hello, my fellow Fish and Wildlife Club members. My name is Jacob Peterson. I grew up in the small agriculture town of Amity, Oregon. Ever since I was 3 years old, I’ve been fascinated with fish and love to go fishing for them. That same passion has driven me to pursue a career that would bring me close to these creatures and help me better understand how they live. I’m currently a senior at Oregon State pursuing my bachelor’s degree in fish and wildlife sciences, with my focus pertaining to fish ecology. I’ve had many years of experience working with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, as well as recent experience working for the Greater Yamhill Watershed Council. 

geoffrey gerdes: tws liaison

A little synopsis on me; I’m a country kid from eastern Oregon who liked hunting so much I decided to romp out in the woods for a living. I recently returned to school from taking a break and working for a while, specifically I was gaining more real world experience as a field technician for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and later as a field biologist for Nevada Department of Wildlife.

alex o’keefe: tcs liaison

Hello fellow Fisheries and Wildlife club members!  My name is Alex O’Keefe and I am currently a freshman here at Oregon State. I was born in Portland and have lived in Oregon my entire life an in my spare time I love meeting new people, hiking, fishing, photography, scuba diving and playing sports.  Wildlife as a whole is my passion like many of you I’m sure.  I especially love mammals but love learning about any animal and its ecosystem.

Alvaro Cortes: Board Member

I am currently a junior at OSU and my academic interests include fish ecology and habitat restoration in aquatic systems. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and have many hobbies which include hiking, fishing, photography, running, and wildlife viewing. Growing up in Portland allowed me to explore and develop an appreciation for our natural resources which is why I’m interested in this discipline. Studying at OSU has been a real pleasure and I’m particularly excited to be your Board Member this year. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about The FW Club or upcoming events!

danielle balderson: board member

Hello! I am a senior here in the Fisheries and Wildlife Department, I plan on graduating next spring. I grew up in Maryland and moved to Bend, Oregon when I was 16. I’ve always been really passionate about animals and I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. My love for nature and the outdoors definitely increased when I moved to Oregon. I’m extremely interested in marine mammals, conservation of endangered species and ecology. I love to scuba dive and I’m hoping to find some jobs in the future where I could use my scuba diving skills to research.

Scarlett arbuckle: faculty advisor

Instructor/Undergraduate Experiential Learning Coordinator. Scarlett supports the FW Club by facilitating the overall structure and organization of team meetings and by providing administrative support for the entire leadership team to achieve Club objectives and maintain consistency. As the FW Club advisor, Scarlett is an essential component to the clubs success throughout the year. Additionally, Scarlett supports research endeavors through the OSU Marine Team, instructs several courses and assists in departmental operations at OSU. Past Research has included work on cephalopod population dynamics, behavior and neurobiology. Check out the Marine Team website and OSU’s Department of Fish and Wildlife website to learn more!