Federal Student Loan Interest Rates have changed effective July 1, 2013. Interest rates on student loans are now tied to the 10-year Treasury note plus 2.05 percentage points for undergraduates, and plus 3.6 percentage points for graduate student loans. Parent and Grad PLUS loans are at plus 4.6 percentage points. These rates will vary on a yearly basis based on the legislation that was passed. The new interest rates for 2013-2014 are listed below and are subject to change for subsequent years based on variable rate increases:

Undergraduate Direct Student Loans

  • Subsidized-3.86%
  • Unsubsidized-3.86%

Graduate Direct Student Loans

  • Unsubsidized-5.41%
  • Graduate PLUS-6.41%

Parent Direct Loans

  • Parent PLUS-6.41%
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