Spring Break Opportunity

Forests of the Eastern US (FES 343, 3 credits)

Visit the Southeast US and learn about major ecosystems and species. Visit the Loblolly Pine Plantation Estate and the vibrant forest products industry it supports.  Review the Program Slides and Itinerary HERE

FES 343_Syllabus

  • This would be a good experience for a 2nd or 3rd year student who has completed the Dendrology course.
  • This course is a spring break opportunity in Georgia
  • Led by Dr. Laurence Schimleck

Spring Term Courses

Summer Term Courses

Summer is right around the corner, right? Not a bad time to start planning your fall term. Matt Orr and Ron Reuter offer this summer field course that is technically a Fall term course. They run it the two weeks before the start of Fall term, allowing you to get to work right away in June and knock out 4 fall term credits before the real start of the term – could be beneficial for scheduling the rest of the term. The flyer and URL shown in it help describe the course. It will fit in most SOs or meet the credits allowed for experiential education in the 2019+ degree catalogs. Due to the nature of the course, they are limited in size. The hard pre-req is the 200 level bio series.

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