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Survey Crew with HERS Lab

This summer the HERS Lab will initiate a 5-year research and monitoring project on American pika in Craters of the Moon, Newberry, and Lava Beds National Volcanic Monuments.  They’re looking for folks who would like to join our survey crew for any or all of the survey dates (more details below).  They will also be launching a behavioral monitoring component to our typical surveys, during which participants will monitor and record pika behavior for 3 hour shifts.  The survey protocol for each park will generally include approximately 4-hours per day (a.m.) surveying lava sites for pika sign (or pika) for 30 minutes at each site.  Crews will be deployed for 2-week periods (camping or staying in park facilities), or until approximately 100 sites have been visited per park unit.  You do not have to be available for all survey days to participate, although multiple days of availability are preferable to single days.  Survey crew deployment dates are as follows:

Newberry National Volcanic Monument-July 17th-28th

Craters of the Moon NM-August 7th-14th

Lava Beds NM-September 4th-15th

If you think you might be interested in participating please get in touch with Matt Shinderman ( for more details.  This is a great opportunity to hone your vegetation ID and measurement, wildlife monitoring and general field biology skills.  Currently, they do not have funding for our crews, but that may change by the time summer rolls around.

Lab Student Worker

The Wood Preservation lab is looking for a new student worker interested in analytical chemistry research in the COF WS&E department.

Along with all the expected strengths – motivated, hard worker, punctual, etc. This is a wood preservation lab that researches current treating methods and its impact on the environment. Research includes environmental sampling of wood, soil/sediment, and water for leached pesticides and heavy metals (typically). Students will get a mix of field and lab work – most field work is done over the summer. Lab work is typically extractions and analysis on a GC, HPLC, or GCMS. Students are encouraged to learn and work with the analytical equipment – developing and implementing new extraction and analysis techniques. Matt Konkler am looking for a motivated student who is more chemistry driven. If interested please respond to the link – Closing date is June 30th.

Kid Spirit Summer



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