Job Hunting

The time is almost here to be on the lookout for jobs.  Whether you are on the verge of graduating or are looking for experience to put towards your six months of required work, the Student Services Office is working hard to make sure our students find what they need.  The latest effort to get you into the field of forestry is our newly updated jobs page.  You can browse over 70 current job postings to find one that fits you and your needs.  You can find our new jobs page here.

Speaking of the six months of required work experience, have you picked up a green work experience form yet?  Come down to the Student Services Office to pick up and fill out this form.  When you’re done with it, just hand it to Steven and we’ll take care of the rest.  This is especially important to do if you are intending to graduate anytime this year.  Check with your advisor if you have questions on how much work experience you still need to complete.

Before embarking on this search, one of the best things you can do is make sure your resume and cover letter are clean.  One of the best resources for this is right on campus with Career Services.  They offer regular workshops and sessions related to being effective in the job search.  They also hold drop-in hours every Monday through Thursday from 1:00pm-4:00pm.  Go with your resume and cover letter and get instant feedback at 8 Kerr Administration Building.

Go get your planners and write down this date: the annual College of Forestry Jobs Fair is scheduled for February 1, 2011.  Several employers from the field of forestry will be attending to talk to prospective candidates about jobs, internships, and summer work.  Keep your eyes open for more info as we get closer to the Job Fair!

Finals are coming up.

It’s hard to believe that the term is almost coming to a close.  With that in mind, you can never start preparing for finals too early.  There are several campus resources available for you to use at no cost.  For more information, links are provided at the very bottom of this post.

Academic Success Center

The ACS encompasses a wide range of services.  Academic Success Coaching is available for those who wish to do better as students.  It is not directed towards success in a single course, but focuses more on strategizing to be a successful student in general.  Other general resources they provide are planning calendars and study tips.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is a part of the Academic Success Center.  They provide assistance to anyone who is at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to partial or full drafts.  Call them to make an appointment with a writing assistant or visit their website for their online tips and handouts.

The Mathematics Learning Center

Located in 108 Kidder, the MLC provides students with access to drop-in tutoring.  They are open 9am-5pm Monday through Thursday and 9am-4pm on Fridays.  Aside from the tutoring services, they also provide a general studying area, solution manuals, and math software assistance.

The Collaborative Learning Center

The CLC is provided by the OSU Valley Library.  Located in the Learning Commons, the Valley Library coordinates a schedule of different departments that come to the library to provide assistance to students.  Regular attendees are the Writing Desk, the Chemistry Mole Hole, the Mathematics Learning Center, and the Physics Worm Hole, among a few others.

Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS can provide you help in managing the many stresses you may be under.  You can call to make an appointment if you wish to talk to an unbiased party about practically anything going on.  From relationships to general stress to depression, CAPS can help you be healthier.  One of the unique programs they have is the Mind Spa.  You can relax and re-center yourself in a full body massage chair, explore biofeedback, or meditate.


Important Deadlines!

P/N Grading

Contrary to popular belief, you CANNOT elect to take a class Pass/No Credit.  This class grading system is determined by the university for enrichment or skill-building courses such internships and FOR 353.  P/N classes do not affect your GPA.  If you are concerned about a class that you are may be doing poorly in, the following options will help to preserve your GPA.

S/U Grading

S/U stands for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading.  The last day to change your grading status in a class from the standard A-F grading to S/U is November 12.  If you want to do this, visit the Student Services Office and request a Change of Grading Basis form.  Fill it out and take it to your advisor for the required signature.  You CANNOT take a class for your major on the S/U system.  Also remember that if a Baccalaureate Core class is counted towards your major, that can’t be taken on an S/U basis either.  There is a university limit of 36 credits that can be taken  S/U.

Withdraw by Web

The last day to withdraw from a class is November 12.  You are able to withdraw using web registration through online services.  Withdrawing from a course results in a “W” on your transcript for that class and it will not affect your GPA.  While there is no limit to the amount of withdraw credits you can have, it is best to withdraw only when necessary because the Forestry programs are more prescriptive and ordered.  Consult with your advisor if you are concerned about your GPA, extending your time at the university, taking too many withdraw credits, or how a “W” might affect your financial aid and scholarships.

Get a jump on your Winter 2011 Schedule!

Phase 1 registration will begin on November 14.  Sign up for a meeting with your advisor (your advisor will email you instructions on how to sign up for an appointment) to check on progress towards graduation and what classes you need to take in the coming term.  The Winter 2011 course schedule can be found here.  Meeting with your advisor will allow you to get your registration PIN.  If you don’t remember who your advisor is, use this list of majors to help you out:

  • Forest Engineering: Loren Kellogg
  • Forest Engineering/Civil Engineering: Marv Pyles is on leave at this time; please visit the FERM Department in Pvy 204 for information on which advisor will help you during Marv’s absence.
  • Forest Management: Kama Luukinen
  • Forest Operations Management: John Sessions
  • Natural Resources: Connie Patterson
  • Natural Resources – Distance Education: Marge Victor
  • Recreation Resource Management: Connie Patterson
  • Renewable Materials/Wood Science & Technology: David Smith

Set up an appointment or stop by their office during drop-in/office hours for more information.