Halfway to fall term!

It’s still summer but the harsh reality is that we are only 43 days away from the start of fall term.

Here are some ways you can start preparing for the upcoming term!

  • Check in with the Fernhopper Upcoming Events page and the Student Resources & Engagement Events & Activities page and then save the dates on your calendar!
  • Make appointments to meet with your academic advisor if needed.
  • Do you need a job or internship? Student Resources & Engagement updates the CoF Online Employment page regularly!
  • Keep any eye out for an announcement about the 2018-19 Mentored Employment Program!
  • Schedule a job shadow to explore careers.
  • Follow Student Resources & Engagement on Twitter for updates and reminders!
  • Make sure you read the monthly Student Resources & Engagement email with all of the upcoming events and activities that will help you engage and connect with College of Forestry opportunities!
  • Don’t forget Student Resources & Engagement is located in 133 Snell Hall. Stop by if you have questions!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and we will see you in 43 days!

Summer term is here!

Well, you did it. You finished the 2017-18 year and now it is officially summer break. Some of you have graduated and are off starting the next chapter of your life. Congratulations on a job well done!

Some of you are spending the summer working an internship or a seasonal job for work experience. If you are one of the students who has required work experience to complete, be sure to log your summer work experience into the work experience practicum website as soon as you have completed it.

  1. Log into the work experience practicum using your ONID credentials.
  2. Complete the learning outcomes assessment. This takes approximately 20 minutes.
  3. Approximately 150 hours of work equals one month. Your supervisor will be asked to verify the dates and hours that you have worked.

Some things to remember…

  1. If your immediate supervisor is a current OSU undergraduate student, please have an employee who is not a current OSU undergraduate and is in a supervisory role complete the employee evaluation. You will need to provide a name and email address for the evaluation to be sent.
  2. If you are self-employed and do not have a direct supervisor, your work experience will be evaluated by a member of the College of Forestry who will determine if your work meets program guidelines and should be forwarded to the Department Designee for certification.
  3. Work experiences should be submitted NO LATER THAN ONE TERM BEFORE YOUR ANTICIPATED GRADUATION TERM. This allows supervisors, department designees and advisors sufficient time to evaluate and certify your work.

If you have questions about completing work experience, please stop by the Student Resources & Engagement Office in 133 Snell Hall. We’ll be here all summer to answer your questions!

Commencement Procedures

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! We are happy to be able to celebrate your achievements with you and your guests.

Grad Night

is THIS Thursday, June 7th from 7:30-10 pm in CH2M Alumni Center. Grad Night is a FREE annual party for graduating OSU students*. Bring your OSU ID and enjoy music, casino games, refreshments and prizes at this fun-filled night. The first 500 attendees get a FREE pint glass!

Register by June 6. Bring a guest for $5. Guest must be with the graduating student to enter the event. Formal attire is encouraged.

The Forestry Commencement Dinner

is on Friday, June 15th from 5pm-8:30pm at the Forestry Club Cabin. RSVP is required. Email Jessica Fitzmorris for questions.  Please note that parking will be limited and carpooling is highly encouraged.

The Forestry Commencement Breakfast

is on Saturday, June 16th at 8am in the Hatfield Courtyard at Richardson Hall. Once breakfast is completed graduates will walk together to line-up for commencement. Do NOT forget your cap and gown!

Forestry Line-up Instructions

You must report to the line-up spot at 9AM. Below you can find that Forestry graduates will line-up at the south end of Strand Agricultural Hall. Make sure you locate the Marshal to give you a 3-by-5 card containing your name, position number and instructions for the ceremony. Oregon State has a long tradition of actually handing out YOUR diploma to you at commencement. If you are not in the correct spot for line-up you may not receive your diploma.

See the detailed directions below for further instructions. Further information regarding Commencement Parking and FAQs can  be found online here.

  1. Marshals will give you a 3-by-5 card containing your name, position number and instructions for the ceremony. Locate the marshal stationed at the sign for your college, under the alphabetical sign that corresponds to your last name.
  2. Once you have your 3-by-5 card, line up in numerical order. Please maintain your position so you will receive your own diploma.
  3. If you arrive too late to pick up your 3-by-5 card from the marshal, you must line up at the end of your college’s line. Late arriving students will receive blank diploma cases during the ceremony. You can pick up your diploma at the Registrar’s office or at the Registrar’s station to the rear of the stage in Reser Stadium after the ceremony.
  4. Line up procedures must be completed by 9:50 a.m.
  5. At 9:50 a.m. the Marshals will move the lines to the locations where the procession will start.
  6. Soon after 10 a.m., the procession will start on Jefferson Street in front of Kerr Adminstration Building. The sound of pipes and drums will be your indication of the start.
  7. The procession will march down the quad diagonally from northeast to southwest. That means the lines for the colleges must be off the path and on the grass to allow the procession to pass between them.
  8. All students should face the colors as they lead the procession through the candidate ranks. Men should remove their mortarboards.
  9. The procession will include – in order – the chief marshal, the colors, the president’s platform party, faculty, doctoral, master’s and professional candidates.
  10. When the procession has passed through the quad, the six columns of bachelor’s candidates will follow.
  11. Pay attention at this point to make sure your column does not take off without you. Always follow the person in front of you.
  12. The chief marshal will halt the procession outside Dixon Recreation Center for a few minutes to allow for any slack in the bachelor’s lines and to correct any problems. Your column may not have moved very far at this point.
  13. Each of the six bachelor’s candidate columns will enter Reser Stadium via the new ramp on the southwest corner of the stadium, near Valley Football Center. The ramp is steep, so watch your step. Candidates with mobility problems should contact the Registrar’s office ahead of time for special accommodations.
  14. Columns will line up six abreast behind the stage on the field. Once all students are in the stadium, the columns will proceed to the seating area.

Commencement Seating

The College of Forestry is seated in the back, closest to all of the guests.

Pass this information on to any of your guests that will be attending the ceremony.

Mentored Employment Program Presentations

The Mentored Employment Program is a wonderful opportunity for students to work with members of CoF faculty on research projects or field experiences. These types of experiences enhance students’ professional skills, build important mentor/protégé relationships and guidance while assisting faculty with important research. The program accepts students every fall term. So make sure you are looking for MEP opportunities!

On Thursday, May 17th from 12:30-1:30pm current MEP students will present their research projects or field work experiences to peers. This is a wonderful time to learn about the program and the various projects that take place.

Why Come to MEP Presentations?

  • Learn about the Mentored Employment Program
  • Support and connect with fellow classmates
  • Network with MEP mentors and faculty
  • Learn about research project findings
  • Find out what projects interest you-although they can change each year

10 reasons OSU students may want to work at National Geospatial Intelligence Agency


Words from Britt Hoskins, COF Career Development Center Assistant Director:


I recently visited the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency headquarters in Washington D.C., and wanted to share with you what I learned about careers in intelligence that are well suited to people studying things like GIS, earth/geology/geography, ocean science, climate science, and atmospheric science and really, STEM in general.

First off, OSU is one of the NGA’s 30 priority schools in the U.S. They are building a relationship with us because they want to hire our students. Shouldn’t Oregon students get some of 300 internships nationwide the NGA opens up every year? I think so.


Why Work at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency?

  1. 300 intern openings for summer 2019!
  2. 80% of interns are hired for full-time positions. Internship is the best way to get your foot in the door with the NGA.
  3. The free security clearance you get with NGA transfers to other federal agencies like CIA, NSA, etc.
  4. You can repeat the internship at subsequent summers.
  5. Access to 1,700+ continuing education courses for NGA employees; paid-for master’s/Ph.D. programs after 2 years of work.
  6. Student debt forgiveness after 10 years (any federal employer)
  7. Joining a community of other interns with mentorship programs, support, and fun activities like sports leagues
  8. 3 hours of paid gym/workout time during every work week
  9. Government benefits, including a retirement pension
  10. Intelligence is always in demand, no matter which president is in office. Stable jobs and the opportunity to work toward a mission for the U.S.


Summer Internship Details:

  • Applications for the summer 2019 are open now until Sept. 30. Don’t wait to apply, they start picking people as applications come in. By Sept. the intern openings may be all full.
  • Apply through nga.mil. Remember, NGA openings are not something you can apply for and then start right away. You have to plan ahead because security clearance can take many months.
  • Requirements: GPA of 3.0, U.S. citizen, enrolled in any level, Associates through Ph.D.
  • Paid at an hourly rate based on the level of your degree.
  • Housing may be subsidized (not covered) in the summer of 2019, awaiting confirmation. Travel cost is not covered. (But flights from PDX to D.C. are reasonable…)


Facts About the NGA:

  1. It’s a government agency with 14,500 employees.
  2. Military and humanitarian focus. NGA’s specialty is spatial, visual intelligence and using data in really practical ways.
  3. Two main locations in D.C. and St. Louis, as well as smaller locations in California, Colorado, and across the globe. 2/3ish of jobs are in D.C., most of the rest are in St. Louis, a few others at other locations. You can mention desired locations in your cover letter.
  4. Housed within the Department of Defense. Partners with agencies like FEMA, CIA, NSA, and the President.


What Types of Careers Are Available?

Many! For example, a geo-intelligence analyst might use satellites and layers of data to help with hurricane response, firefighting, ebola outbreaks, ice caps melting, and counter-terrorism. (For example, analysts, model makers, and data visualization professionals provided the intelligence in the Osama Bin Ladin raid.) Jobs include: Imagery analysts, geospatial analysts, aeronautical analysts, maritime analysts, cartographers, geodetic scientists, data scientists, engineers, research analysts, info systems security specialists, geodetic orbit scientists, geodetic earth scientists, human geography, information visualization, maritime navigation, bathymetry, photogrammetry, remote sensing, etc.


How Can I Stand Out to the NGA?

Depends on the job, examples of desirable skills include:

  • Big data savvy, knowledge of tools like GIS, lidar/radar, tableau, SQL, etc. (See job descriptions)
  • Adaptability to learn and change and technologies and situations shift
  • Ability to identify patterns, leadership
  • Team player with a high concern for customer service
  • Good writers/communicators
  • Global mentalities/international experiences
  • Statistical skills, STEM fields


How Can I Get My Foot in the Door?

  • Like so many federal/state jobs, the buck stops with the application. Fill it out their online resume system incredibly thoroughly. Do not limit yourself to one page!!! More is more with government applications.
  • List and explain how you meet all  of the minimum requirements. If you haven’t listed it, they will assume you don’t have the skill. Recruiters scan for keywords as a way to filter people out.
  • Use your cover letter to explain how you have met all the minimums.
  • Remember that veterans get priority in interviewing, so list relevant military experience.
  • It’s difficult to network your way in, but you can run your application materials by OSU’s NGA recruiter: Melissa Johnson, Melissa.s.johnson@nga.mil. Before approaching Melissa, it’s not a bad idea to make an OSU career appointment to brainstorm strategy.


What is the SMART Scholarship Program?

Also, check into the SMART Scholarship program for a full tuition reimbursement scholarship. This is a highly competitive program that pays for your schooling in exchange for a commitment to work for the NGA during school and for a period after graduation. Great for someone who knows they want to work in the intelligence community after graduation.


Spring Career Expo

101 Employers Are Coming to Campus: Wednesday, April 25

The Spring Career Expo is your opportunity to learn, network, and find out who’s hiring. Companies like Roseburg Forest Products, Lucidyne Technologies, and City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services are coming. Register on Handshake now!

1)  Make a map of the employers you want to see. Research them individually and go to where they are.

2)  Don’t be afraid to talk to people you haven’t heard of. Open your mind! Talk to as many people as possible and hand out resumes. You may like a company in an unexpected industry.

American International Forest Products

American International Forest Products, LLC is one of the largest building material companies in North America with annual sales of $500,000,000. AIFP services more than 2500 active customers in the US. AIFP sources material from over 1500 suppliers throughout North America, Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East. AIFP is a wholesale distribution company.

Black Diamond Camps

We are a Christian outdoor adventure Camp. We exist to inspire christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and biblical truth!

City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services

Environmental Services works with Portland residents and businesses to protect water quality, public health, and the environment through wastewater collection and treatment, sewer construction and maintenance, stormwater management, and stream and watershed restoration.

GFP Response

GFP Response is an emergency response company, under parent company Ellipse Global, focused on wildland fire suppression, remote base camp, and catastrophe management solutions. We are a company of more than 450 first responders (Firefighters, EMTs, security, former military) trained in the Incident Command System and supported by experienced operations and logistics professionals.

Lincoln County Government

At Lincoln County, we provide essential services in an efficient, effective, and respectful manner. County governments provide the essential building blocks to create healthy, vibrant and safe communities. At Lincoln County, we are making a difference….with an ocean view. Highlights of Benefits: 11% County Contribution into 401(k) Fully Funded Health Savings Account 9 Paid Holidays per Year Up to $50k National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Load Repayment program for eligible licensed providers. Rural Practitioner Tax Credit up to $5k for MDs and NPs. Office Hours Monday through Friday typically 8am-5pm

Lucidyne Technologies

Lucidyne is a world leading manufacturer of scanning technologies for the wood product industry. We focus on final grading solutions for sawmills. We provide solutions that give our customers the competitive edge they need to manage their mills, and even more importantly, to manage their businesses. In today’s tough economy, it is those mills dedicated to increasing productivity through automation that have survived and thrived. Since 1985, Lucidyne has dedicated itself to being the industry partner to boost mills’ productivity – and their bottom line.

Mt. Bachelor

Our mission is to: Deliver great experiences. Enhance people’s lives. Have fun doing it!

Orenco Systems®, Inc.

Orenco Systems®, Inc. is in the business of researching/developing, manufacturing, and selling leading-edge wastewater collection and treatment systems. Markets include residential, commercial, mobile, municipal, and utilities. Orenco is dedicated to engineering-based solutions and more than 10 percent of the company’s approximately 350 employees are scientists or engineers.

Portland Fire & Rescue

PF&R is Oregon’s largest fire and emergency services provider. We provide an extensive range of public safety services including fire prevention, public education, response to fire, medical, and other emergency incidents, and disaster mitigation. PF&R is comprised of about 750 employees with a Bureau operating budget of $90.7 million.

Roseburg Forest Products

Roseburg is a closely-held forest products company, building value with timberlands, safe and efficient manufacturing, and passionate, capable people. We market quality products and provide superior customer service at a profit to sustain growth. CORE VALUES Sawdust in the Veins: Passionate about and committed to forest products manufacturing Love the wood and care about the dirt Desire to grow and learn more about our business Handshake Integrity: Humble, selfless, credible, competent Steadfast, no need for formalities to follow through on commitments Driven to Win: Committed to continuous growth and success Competitive team player Innovative and strategic

Salishan Spa and Golf Resort

In 1965, from a vision to create an oasis of luxury on the Oregon Coast, a legend was born. Over the years Salishan earned its fabled status and set the bar for Hospitality. As time marched on, a new class of travelers and adventure-seekers emerged. People for whom Salishan was made. Our vision today is to redefine Salishan as the benchmark of northwest coastal hospitality, wellness, and recreation by: – Instituting a culture of Exceptional Service – Introducing a broad range of Eco-Adventure Activities – Instilling Wellness as a core value resort-wide – Creating new opportunities for unique and memorable social engagement through a range of Culinary Experiences. We welcome you to become a part of the New Salishan!

SK Watercraft Rentals

SK Watercraft Rentals is located on the Willamette River near down town Portland. We Rent Sea-doo personal watercraft, Ski-boats, Pontoon Boats, Fishing Boats, Motorcycle Rentals, Snowmobile Rentals, and provide Segway rentals and tours. We are the largest rental operation of watercraft in the State of Oregon – started in 1994. Seeking summer full time employees and offer careers at our dealership SK Northwest for Parts/Sales/Service.


Innovation has taken USNR from being a small sawmill equipment supplier to a global leader in manufacturing machine systems to create panels and plywood, dimensional lumber, fingerjointed components and engineered wood products. We supply product and service solutions for plants around the world including Canada, Chile, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, the US and many other countries. We strive to combine the latest technology, innovative design, and experience to develop high performance solutions.

Washington County

Washington County and the Portland metropolitan area are nationally recognized as being among the most livable areas in the country. Located on the western edge of the Portland metropolitan area, Washington County is the second largest and fastest growing county in Oregon, with an approximate population of 560,460. The community is one of Oregon’s most ethnically diverse, drawing from Europe, Central and South America, Asia, the Pacific nations and Africa. Residents and institutions alike reflect a global perspective. The community enjoys excellent schools, and a uniquely diverse array of cultural and recreational activities.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement

The Law Enforcement Program has 144 commissioned law enforcement personnel statewide. Fish and Wildlife Officers (FWOs) are general authority peace officers deployed to six regions throughout the state. Our Officers are responsible for enforcing a myriad of laws and regulations related to health and public safety, dangerous wildlife/human conflicts, fish and wildlife protection, hunting and fishing license regulations, habitat protection, and commercial fish and shellfish harvest. In addition, we enforce federal laws, Oregon state statutes, and county ordinances through memorandums of agreement. We conduct boating law enforcement on state and federal waters, and law enforcement in state and federal parks and forest lands.

Career Development Days

Career Development Days is a three-day event providing you with professional development workshops, employer presentations and networking opportunities. It will take place in the Memorial Union Rooms 206, 207, and 208 on Tuesday-Thursday, April 16-19. Each day there will be a free networking lunch from 12-1:30pm.  Make sure you register on HANDSHAKE.

Career Development Days is a chance for College of Forestry undergraduate, graduate and recently graduated students to enhance skills and energize your career search. Energize your job search, enhance your job search and engage with industry professional at Career Development Days.

Why should YOU attend?

  • ask employers about their company – go ahead, they want to answer all of your questions.
  • understand various companies and what work they do
  • professional development growth – learn from workshops about the skills employers are looking for: interviewing, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and more!
  • networking – gain contacts for when you are looking for a job, like the saying goes, “it’s all about who you know…”
  • find a job or internship – there might be an opportunity to secure a seasonal or internship position.
  • learn more about what you want from a career – or what you don’t.
  • engage with other COF students – maybe you’ll meet someone new.

Schedule of Events

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

9:00 a.m. – Employer Information Session: Timber Products Company, John Underwood, Human Resources Manager

10:00 a.m. – Workshop: What Are Employers Really Looking in Your Interview? – Sean Hart, Area Manager, Georgia Pacific

11:00 a.m. – Employer Information Session: US Forest Service, Jeanna Ramos, Equal Employment Specialist

12:00 – 1:30 p.m.: Networking Lunch open to students, employers, presenters, CoF faculty and staff (MU 207)

1:30 p.m. – Workshop: Problem-solving and Creative Solutions in the Workplace – Fred Pfund, Forester, Starker Forests

2:30 p.m. – Employer Information Session: Oregon Parks & Recreation, Jennifer Godfrey, Park Naturalist Interpreter, Detriot Lake State Park

3:30 p.m. – Workshop: Building Your Career From the Ground Up –  Todd Payne, President & CEO, Seneca Jones (Seneca Family of Companies)


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

9:00 a.m. – Employer Information Session: Brooks Tree Farm, Kathy LeCompte, Owner

10:00 a.m. – Workshop:  Effective Communications Skills in the Workplace –  Inka Bajandas, Public Outreach Manager, Oregon Forest Resources Institute

11:00 a.m. – Employer Information Session: AKS Engineering, Bruce Baldwin, Engineering Technician & Arborist

12:00 – 1:30 p.m.: Networking Lunch open to students, presenters, CoF faculty and staff (MU 207)

1:30 p.m. – Workshop: Beyond OSU: How OSU Can Help Your Post-graduation Employment Search & Career –  Yuliya Dennis, OSU Alumni Association and Britt Hoskins, OSU Career Development Center 

2:30 p.m. – Employer Information Session: Green Diamond Resource Company, Laura Baltadonis, Senior Human Resources Business Partner

3:30 p.m. –  Workshop: Successful Collaboration in the Workplace – Melissa Yamamoto, Assistant Director of Leadership Development, OSU Student Leadership and Involvement


Thursday, April 19, 2018

11:00 a.m. – Workshop:  Everything You Need to Know About Social Media and Your Career –  Jenna Riccolo, OSU Career Development Center,

12:00 – 1:30 p.m.: Networking Lunch open to students, presenters, CoF faculty and staff – Mini Resource Fair including representatives from the OSU Alumni Association, OSU Career Development Center, OSU Academic Success Center, and CoF Continuing Education  (MU 207)

1:30 p.m. – Workshop:  Staying Organized & Maintaining Flexibility to Adapt to a Changing Environment –  Valerie Johnson, CEO and co-owner, DR Johnson


**All Employer Information Sessions will be held in MU 206. All professional development workshops will be held in MU 208.

**Register to attend on Handshake!


For questions please contact the Student Resources and Engagement Office at 541-737-1594 or Brooke.Harrington@oregonstate.edu.


College of Forestry Pro-School Application

The application for admission to the professional program in OSU’s Forestry, Forest Engineering, and Forest Engineering-Civil Engineering programs is now available! Details are outlined below, and applications for fall 2018 entry are due by April 16, 2018 (11:59 pm Pacific).   I’m very happy to field any questions that may arise.

What is the Professional Program?

Several majors in OSU’s College of Forestry (Forestry, Forest Engineering, and Forest Engineering/Civil Engineering) have a pre/pro model.  The pre-professional courses span the freshman and sophomore years, and the professional courses (or “pro school”) span the junior and senior years.  Anyone can declare a Pre-Forestry or Pre-Forest Engineering major.  Moving to the professional program requires a special application process which is normally completed during spring of the sophomore year.  Admission to the professional program is based upon:

  • Completion of all the required pre-professional courses by September 15, 2018
  • Grades of C or higher and a minimum GPA of 2.25 or higher in all the pre-professional courses

Who Should Apply?

You should apply to the College of Forestry’s professional program if you meet ALL the following criteria:

  • You plan to transfer to OSU’s Corvallis campus for fall 2018
  • You plan to major in Forestry, Forest Engineering, or Forest Engineering-Civil Engineering
  • You will complete all the required pre-professional courses in your major by September 15, 2018.  You can consult our Transfer Guides to determine how your courses apply to the requirements.

NOTE: students are welcome to transfer to OSU at any time.  If you have not yet completed all the pre-professional courses for your major, you can still transfer to OSU as a Pre-Forestry or Pre-Forest Engineering major and complete them here.  Then you can apply to the Pro-School in a future year.

Application Process

  • Apply for transfer admission to OSU’s Corvallis campus.  Declare a major in Pre-Forestry, Pre-Forest Engineering, or Pre-Forest Engineering/Civil Engineering.  If you aren’t admitted to OSU, you won’t be able to complete the application for the College of Forestry Pro-School. Transfer applications for fall 2018 are being accepted now.  If you haven’t already applied, you should do so ASAP!
  • Once you are admitted to OSU and have an OSU ID number, you need to complete the College of Forestry’s Pro-School application.  The preferred deadline to apply for fall 2018 Pro-School admission is April 16, 2018 (11:59 pm Pacific).


What are the required pre-professional courses for my major?

Consult the Advising Guide for your major to find the required pre-professional courses.  You may find our Transfer Guides useful as well.

What if I won’t have all the required pre-professional courses complete by September 15, 2018?

Students are only admitted to Pro-School if they have completed ALL the required pre-professional courses satisfactorily.  If you are missing courses, you may need to apply to Pro-School for a future year.  We encourage students to work with their academic advisor (and to contact us at forestry.proschool@oregonstate.edu ) to determine the best timeline for Pro-School application.

Can I apply to the professional program for a later term (e.g. winter, spring, summer)?

Students can only enter Pro-School in the fall term.  We do not admit students to Pro-School for winter/spring/summer terms.  This is due to the sequential nature of the Pro-School coursework and the need to begin those sequences in the fall.  Entry to the Pre-Forestry and Pre-Engineering majors is unrestricted, and students can begin the pre-professional courses in any term.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Questions about the Pro-School application process can be sent to forestry.proschool@oregonstate.edu

When will I know if I’ve been admitted to Pro-School?

Admission decisions will be communicated via email (to the email address you list on your application) by May 1, 2018.

When does Field School start?

Tentatively Field School will be September 2 – September 15th.  A firm date will be set when the admission letters go out.

What You Should Know About Peace Corps


  • Work and learn in 60 possible countries. Use your major and experience to impact communities across the globe.
  • Housing and a living wage provided in your country + $9,450 when you finish your assignment to reestablish in the U.S.
  • A leg up on federal jobs after you finish the program. You get extra application points to help you get noticed by a great gov. agency.
  • Many volunteers are hired on in their respective countries after their term.
  • A 3-month training program prepares you to serve + you’ll have a partner in your assigned country.
  • Access to apply for a special fellowship that pays toward future graduate studies.


Agricultural/Forestry Majors:

The Peace Corps is competitive. The good news is that agricultural and forestry majors are desired. Actually having a degree in your fields is not common among applicants. So you can stand out! With your background, you may be selected for an educational position, usually with small farmers around the world. Duties could include helping with sustainable farming practices, food security, irrigation in dry climates, and income supplementation. You may help with everything from crops, to bees, to livestock.

o   E.g. You may help tackle deforestation, understanding economic forces that drive it and how communities can begin to recover.


Environmental Sciences/Natural Resources:

STEM fields are greatly desired in the Peace Corps. An important tip, if you plan to apply, is to get some educational experience outside of the classroom. You may have research and fieldwork (like sampling/trail maintenance) on your resume, but showing you can communicate with and teach others is a big selling point for you on an application.

o   You may work on climate change and how it is affecting an arid region. Showing a community how to recover and address their farming practices or soil erosion.

o   You may tackle issues like poaching or introducing eco-tourism to preserve wildlife. Or work on a nature preserve.

o   It is also very common for hard science students to teach math or science in high schools across the globe.



  • Knowing a foreign language is a big deal, especially Spanish or French. Even some introductory courses count.
  • Education experience. Consider volunteering to teach English or getting together with international students to practice conversation.



  • Reach out to Scot Roskelley, the Peace Corps recruiter for Oregon State. He can help you strategize about how and when to apply: sroskelley@peacecorps.gov or 503-290-4024.
  • Note that there is a 8-10 month gap between when you apply and when you go. For graduates in June 2019, apply by Oct. 1.

Nonprofit Opportunities Fair

2018 Non-Profit Opportunities Fair will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 7 11 am- 2 pm in the Memorial Union Ballroom.

Make sure you Register on Handshake

There will be two breakout sessions before and after the fair:

  • Sustainability and Environmental Conservation from 10-11 am in MU13
  • Human Services and Youth Development from 2-3pm in MU13

In bold and linked to their website are employers that may have openings in a field of your interest or possibly hiring your major.

Employers (52 Total)
Partnerships In Community Living, Inc. (PCL) B’nai B’rith Camp Upward Bound Camp
Catholic Community Services IES Internships Corvallis Environmental Center
College Possible Camp Yakety Yak Grassroots Campaigns, Inc.
Benton County Sheriff’s Office Student Conservation Association Rogue Valley Family YMCA
Playworks Corvallis Parks & Recreation Special Olympics Oregon
Central City Concern Bridgeway Recovery Services Samaritan Health Services
Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare Grace Center for Adult Day Services REACH Community Development Inc
League of Women Voters of Corvallis Rise, Inc Notre Dame Mission Volunteers Americorps
Susan G. Komen Oregon & SW Washington SOLVE American Red Cross Cascades Region
MV Advancements Naval Research Laboratory Urban Teachers
Family Tree Relief Nursery CORE Health Benton Habitat for Humanity
Lane County Government Portland Fire & Rescue Corvallis Right of Way
Kairos The Cupcake Girls || Portland, Oregon Customs and Border Protection, Air and Marine Operations
City of Gresham, OR City of Corvallis General Board of Global Ministries
ColumbiaCare Services, Inc. Options Counseling and Family Services Oregon State University
Gales Creek Camp Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Bureau of Land Management Northwest Oregon District
Work Unlimited Inc. Northwest Youth Corps Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah
Oregon Department of Administrative Services YMCA of Columbia-Willamette King County
Washington County, Oregon Jackson Street Youth Services