Opportunities Abroad

The application deadline for Oil Palms + Orangutans — Forest Conservation in Malaysian Borneo is coming up! Deadline: Friday, February 15th

Don’t forget that financial support is available!

All CoF majors are eligible to apply for the Dean’s Fund for International Engagement

The College of Forestry is lucky to have an international programs office that works to offer students amazing opportunities to travel abroad through study programs, internships, exchange programs, and research. Please visit here for CoF Opportunities Abroad.

Another great resource is the College of Forestry International Blog Page. Read all about student stories to get ideas about what your next adventure could be like.

Chile: March 23-30, 2019 (Spring Break program)

Mountains to the Sea: Ecosystems of Chile

3 undergrad credits or 3 grad credits

“Visit Chile over spring break and discover an environment very similar to the West Coast of the US! Meet faculty and students from the Universidad Austral de Chile, journey to different nature reserves and field stations, and discuss and learn about forest dynamics and conservation, restoration, and climate change mitigation! You can even stay on for an internship during spring term”

Link: http://www.forestry.oregonstate.edu/international/about-mountains-sea-ecosystems-chile

Application deadline has passed.

Summer 2019 class– FW 391 Ridge to Reef: Sustainable Management in Palau

This international experiential learning class being offered this summer in the Republic of Palau led by Dr. Scott Heppell (Fisheries and Wildlife) and Bryan Endress. They offered this course last summer as part of the Exploring World Agriculture series and have now created a 4 credit standalone course (FW 391) that meets the Contemporary Global Issues bacc core requirement (this is pending, but approval is expected shortly).  It is a two-week course running from July 22-August 4. 

Information sessions will be held Feb 12th, and March 11th from 5-6:30 PM in LINC Room 343. 

This program is designed for students in interested in multidisciplinary perspectives on natural resource use, management and conservation across programs at OSU (Agriculture Sciences, Fisheries and Wildlife, Natural Resources, Marine Biology, Forestry, Environmental Sciences, Integrative Biology, Geography, etc.). Content and learning objectives are appropriate for Freshman through Senior undergraduate students, and we encourage applications from students early in their academic coursework who are genuinely inquisitive about these topics. 

Students can get a feel for the class by checking out the student blog from 2018: http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/palau/ 

Additional information and application instructions can be found here: https://oregonstate-idea.terradotta.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=10547

Malaysian Borneo: Summer 2019 (dates TBD – about two weeks)

Oil Palms and Orangutans: Forest Conservations in Malaysian Borneo

6 undergrad credits or 3 grad credits

“As tropical forests are converted to plantations all across SE Asia, conservation challenges are increasing. Travel to Malaysian Borneo to gain an introduction to those challenges by visiting conservation centers, field stations, forest reserves, and more. Experience the issues from both the human perspective and the wildlife view. Stay for the rest of the summer for one of the internships available in a variety of fields.”

Link: http://www.forestry.oregonstate.edu/international/about-forest-conservation-malaysian-borneo

App deadline: Feb 15, 2019 (apply early, spots are limited!)

Alpine Europe: Summer 2019 (dates TBD – about two weeks)

Sustainability of the Built Environmental in Alpine Europe

6 undergrad credits or 3 grad credits

“Come explore the history and beauty of the European Alps while gaining a holistic view of the sustainable wood products industry! Visit Slovenia and northern Italy during your summer break to explore the sustainability and creation of the built environment starting in the forest itself and following the value chain all the way through design, manufacturing, and construction with several industry tours. Also, experience cross-cultural exchange with students from the University of Primorska in Slovenia and learn from their faculty and industry leaders.”

Link: http://www.forestry.oregonstate.edu/international/about-alpine-europe

App deadline: Mar 15, 2019

Summer Program in Poitiers, France

The 4-week summer study program based in Poitiers, France (central-west) is taking shape.  As with the program led by Larry Becker, Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Program Professor, in June-July 2017- the focus is on the environment.  There are two 3-credit courses, one that he teaches on human-environment interactions in the region (with agriculture, conservation, biodiversity, and environmental policy field trips and speakers) and one taught by a professor from the Univ. of Poitiers on water pollution and treatment.

In addition, there is a French language class.  No prior French language experience required. While the program’s theme is on the environment, all students are welcome.

Resources for Sustainable Agriculture in Peru: from the Coast to the Andes : September 2019 (tentative dates: Sept 8 – Sept 20)

This 2019 Exploring World Agriculture Educational Tour in September, led by Dr. Silvia Rondon – Professor & Extension Entomologist Specialist – will bring OSU students to the South American country of Peru.  The tour will commence in early September (tentative dates: Sept 8 – Sept 20). The cost of the trip is estimated at $4,000 (exact cost TBD), which includes airfare, lodging, tours, and most meals.

Please visit the Peru program brochure for more information and to apply.  Questions?  Please contact Paul Dorres and/or Dr. Rondon.

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