The Federal Government Shutdown

As we all have heard by now, the government did it’s (almost yearly thing…) shutdown. Thankfully at this time a temporary conclusion was met between officials and it is up and running again, but for how long? It was the country’s longest shutdown and thousands of federal workers were effected.  After seeing so many headlines in regards to vandalism, unemployment, debt; I came across a new perspective. Did you know…?

Wes Siler from Outside Magazine has some information in regards to it that maybe you haven’t heard about just yet. 

“The most surprising emotion I’ve encountered while reporting on the partial government shutdown? Fear. Everyone from park rangers to administrators to government lawyers to guides who operate independent businesses on federal land are all too scared to publicly go on the record about how the shutdown is impacting them. And let me tell you, that is anything but normal. “

To finish reading the article, click here: Federal Employees Living in Fear

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